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Family Photos at the Lake

Nothing says summer like a day at the lake. Combine that with family photos at the lake and you have memories you can draw on all year long.

This July I went down to Canandaigua to meet up with past clients and dear friends Allison and Chris. It was a day away from their five year wedding anniversary, and they now had two adorable girls. This was the third time I had documented their family, and it has been amazing to see the girls grow.

family photos at the lake

In Canandaigua the lake is the place to be. Not only are amazing properties like The Lake House nearby but the water is full of boats with people enjoying time (especially in socially distant times). Being on the water is a memory that I think every child holds on to. From learning to swim, picking up rocks or just plain walking in and getting your clothes wet… lake life is the best.

We started on their street and moved down to a quite part of the park and bay to capture some moments I know will be treasured forever. I’m already thinking about what I would print for a gallery wall and how I would hang them – how about you?

It was later in the day, and a hot one, but the girls did so well. Even when it seems like they are not cooperating the moments I love to capture are those of connection, like you see here.

As a film photographer I used both 35mm film and medium format film. I love to create a library of images that say summer in a classic unforgettable way. For me true greens and realistic color is the key. Working with the Find Lab to process my images always allows me to achieve that.

Can you even? How inquisitive and sweet.

It is always an honor to work with families again and again. If you want to be on that A-list reach out to start planning your own session.



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