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Connecticut Beach Engagement Photos

Connecticut beach engagement photos are just as magical as any other coast. As a New York based destination wedding photographer I travel often. I know the locations that are worth coming back to and this is one of them.

When Brittany and Brian reached out I knew we would be a good fit, and not just because we both have mini dachshunds. They have a genuine love for each other and life. It was a joy to spend the evening with them. We started with dinner at The Mariner. Talking and laughing we got to know each other as Brittany’s parents helped us move place to place. They tried anything and genuinely enjoyed being together while creating these iconic moments.

I know for a fact they will look at these 10 years in the future and remember exactly what it felt like to plan their wedding and be in love.

Eiola Harkness Mansion

Brittany and Brian’s engagement photos started in the charming town of Mystic. The session ended at the Eiola Harkness Mansion. Therefore we captured two very different looks and locations. You will have to tell me which is your favorite at the end. I personally love so many of them. The locations were meaningful, beautiful and you would never guess there were crowds at both.

What I love most about photographing each of my couples is being invited in to their story. I am able to influence the way they see their life and love. My perspective is unique in that I bring out both editorial and candid images in everything I do. At least, that’s the way I would describe it.

Mystic Engagement Photo

Brittany + Brian, I am so excited for your wedding in Skaneateles. Thanks for inviting me down to Connecticut for engagement photos that truly capture life as it is right now. The wedding will always be a one of a kind day, but this speaks to daily life and that means something.



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