Winter Tea Time Engagement : Devin + Shannon

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It’s a classic long distance love story. She’s Canadian, he’s American. After meeting at university and falling in love, they got engaged. Of course, when you live in different countries is not quite as easy to just plan a wedding. There are long distance phone calls, visas, paperwork… and worst of all waiting. Not just waiting to find out when you might get your visa so you can plan your wedding, but waiting for that visa so you can get into the country and visit your fiance!

It’s going to be worth the wait. Until then, there was even more reason to plan a fabulous engagement session that took place in Highland Park in Rochester, New York. The session was a collaboration that combined the talents of several people including Ryan of Salon Raven and Maura and her team at Sas Sa Fras Flowers. Now, I was thrilled to work with Devin and Shannon and I’m sure they would have rocked the photos no matter what, but I know the extra details and planning gave them the extra edge that made these images so much fun. The culmination of everyone’s efforts resulted in a bold engagement session that made winter inviting.


Seriously you guys look so good together. Everyone’s jealous of Shannon’s red hair, right? That Anthropologie dress is perfect, love the ruffles – I know it took us a while to decide on what combination to wear but that was the right choice! Oh and that gorgeous necklace? It’s J. Crew.wintertea_22wintertea_21

Sas Sa Fras how are you guys so amazing? You create the most gorgeous bouquets and arrangementswintertea_26wintertea_23wintertea_24wintertea_02

We didn’t have to travel far at all to use a variety of locations… and the light was absolutely perfect illuminating the trees and leaves in the background. Thanks to the “golden hour,” as Meg would call it, right before sunset.wintertea_03wintertea_04wintertea_05wintertea_06wintertea_07wintertea_08

Adorable. It probably looks warmer than it actually was, and I have to hand it to Devin + Shannon for braving the temps. We incorporated a little tea party as part of the shoot and it helped them warm up a bit as well! The gorgeous tea set is actually from Matt’s (my husband) grandma and you would not have recognized it a day earlier because of all the polishing we did. Love that about silver – no matter how tarnished it can be gorgeous again. wintertea_09wintertea_10wintertea_11wintertea_12

quick! someone start talking in a British accent. wintertea_14wintertea_15wintertea_16wintertea_17wintertea_18

hooray for love! and for fun photos + people + talented artists + friends who lend you dresses/sweaters/necklaces + soft light before sunset + winter + being able to celebrate life and all things in it. Devin + Shannon, thank you for being some of the easiest people on earth to photograph. Is it you? Is it me? I think it’s us together. Either way you guys are so in love and it totally showed.wintertea_19

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