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What shoes do you wear to photograph a wedding? Mary Dougherty shares her favorite pair

Standing for seven or more hours is hard. Combine that with holding at least 10 lbs of gear and staying on top of your game creatively and you start to understand why wedding photographers have built a business around what they do. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if it’s for you then welcome! I’m Mary Dougherty, a New York wedding photographer who documents authentic moments with intention and detail. Most of you know me already, but if you’re new read more about me here.

So what do photographers wear to weddings and more specifically what shoes do they wear ?

The answer to this question has changed for me over the years. In fact, I should probably back up and tell you how wearing the pair of shoes you see above is actually me coming full circle. When Matt and I first started dating we lived with six hours between us – he was up in the Adirondacks in Lake Placid – and we didn’t see each other often. The first time we went on a date was after six months of emailing & a few phone calls. When he showed up, he was wearing Dansko clogs. I seriously reconsidered the direction we were headed.

I teased him about them as he tried to explain that in Lake Placid it was normal, everyone wore them there. It took me a few years of wearing flats at weddings to realize he was on to something. I started to look around for the right pair of shoes to wear to photograph a wedding. I spent a few years wearing Birkenstock Gizeh’s (which I still love) but they became a little too informal. I found myself shopping around once again, and that’s when I stumbled upon the pair of Dansko Thea’s you see above. Even after buying them I was skeptical. I thought that they wouldn’t be as comfortable as a normal pair of Dankso’s because there is more of a heel, and I thought they might not do well on a hot summer day. So they sat for two weeks in my house as Matt and Kat teased me both about the fact that I take so long to make decisions and that I had changed my position on Dankso completely.

What can I say. I have learned my lesson and will be more open minded when it comes to foot wear. I wore these shoes to Olivia and Greg’s wedding on Saturday and not only did they feel great (and were fine in 90 degree heat) I had at least three people comment on my shoes and mention that they liked them. Now that’s affirming!

I still travel with my red wellies (for rainy weddings) and a pair of flats should I need to switch things up, but these are my new favorite pair of shoes to photograph a wedding in! What’s yours?



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