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As I mentioned yesterday, Heather and Jon had a great wedding. Every part of it was beautiful, fun, and totally reflected their personalities. The reception and dancing was no exception. Now, everyone loves a good dance party (except maybe my husband) and the only thing that could make a dance party better is glowsticks. Actually it was more accurately glow necklaces, braclets, and glasses! They had a big bucket of them set out, and slowly through out the evening people put on more and more.This is how things started out…

I’m not sure how much Hil checks the blog (she lives in Montana and tracks and studies wolves in Yellowstone) so she won’t mind me putting up this picture:

The reception was in a tent on a golf course, and while dancing in the tent was fun, it didn’t take long for us to figure out it would be even better to go out on the golf course where it was darker and cooler. Not only that, but the glowsticks looked awesome in the dark… and a little something like this:

I think this picture of Moe + Dustin says it all. I want to go back to that wedding – who’s with me?

Speaking of getting back from a wedding, the next day we had quite an adventure getting home – from one side of Michigan to the other. We were over in Grand Haven, and needed to get back to Grosse Pointe. Not a problem, right? Our drive over was fine, but about 5 minutes into or drive home after the picnic for Heather and Jon the next day, the brakes had completely gone in the car we were in! We stopped at a gas station and debated the waiting time of a tow truck, what we would do with the car, and how we would convince someone to drive three hours to pick us up. Thankfully, were saved by Clay and Jenny (seen in the third picture, dancing up a storm) who came back and gave all four of us a lift. They drove us the first leg to Ann Arbor, where they were meeting friends, and we were picked up for our second ride by Tereza, who had just gotten out of the Michigan/Notre Dame game. I don’t know what we would have done with out Clay, Jenny, and Tereza! After surviving the drive on chocolate – which was the wedding favor – we made it back to my house where we devoured everything my mom put in front of us. We literally ate a whole wheel of cheese – what kind was it again? It seemed like the longest day, but at least we were all able to see each other and spend time with friends! Thanks for humoring me and reading the condensed version of our adventures in wedding travel. I didn’t get a picture on my camera of us with Heather, but here are some of the good friends I was able to meet up with at the wedding:

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