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I’m so excited about this contest – first of all, it’s really fun to give something away – second it’s even better to collaborate with you guys, see your ideas and get to know some of you better! So a big thanks to everyone who participated. The following boards are the top three, and were chosen based on their ability to inspire as well as the ideas behind them. Without further ado here are your top three and the inspiration behind them….

#1 We have spent a lot of our relationship traveling to see each other and perfecting the art of long distance communication. We’re finally engaged!, and are so excited about getting out into the world with each other. This inspiration board focuses heavily on capturing our relationship up until now, bringing together a lot of our personal heritage and things we grew up loving, like grandma’s quilts, snow, museums and traveling.

We can visualize how beautiful it would look to have our engagement session at the historic Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum with their bright colorful trains in a wooded, snowy area in February or March. [we have spent countless hours on trains traveling to see each other.] We visualize ourselves cuddled up in colorful quilts talking, surrounded by books, newspapers, (things that we love) and being playful with old-fashioned telephones–looking at maps together, talking about where we’ll go next, doing things that best friends do.

#2 John is from central Illinois; I have lived in Western New York my entire life. For months, dozens of letters were exchanged, which led to phone calls, which eventually led to meeting in person. Unlike most first face-to-face dates, John and I saw each other for the first time at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Two weeks before John had major brain surgery for seizures, we walked into each others arms and never wanted to let go. Long-distance relationships are challenging, but it’s an incredible feeling to have a godly man who supports and strengthens me, no matter how close or far apart we are, in sickness and in health! I chose to create our inspiration board based on a 1950s cooking theme because it has significance in our relationship. First, we love to cook for each other and enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying out family recipes. When we first met in Mayo, one of the first things John wanted to do was cook for me! It didn’t work out then, but we’ve had many opportunities to cook together since his surgery. Second, John and I love everything vintage: music, cooking, clothes, and more! The retro look of the 50s with its clean and classic feel with some funky colors thrown in = fabulous! We’d love to have you capture us having fun in vintage style and expressing our love through our commitment to each other and our love of cooking.


#3 I am infatuated with the English countryside for being both rustic and classy at the same time.  This is the overall “feel” I wanted to present in my board.  Unfortunately, the actual shoot would not take place in England, but where I live – we have plenty of open fields and rolling hills that would suffice as an imitation of the vastness and the beauty of Yorkshire, England.

Also relating to England is the bit of fox-hunting/equestrian culture I would like to incorporate.  I’ve grown up around horses and have competed in riding competitions since I was little.  I really enjoy the Ralph Lauren-esque style of dress on a man. I, myself, do not dress in expensive polo shirts and sweaters when I’m with the horses, but for the photo shoot, it would be fun to pretend that this is practical.  The attire presented on my board represents the type of clothing I would like to incorporate.  The lace dress and the sundress is an attempt to bridge my equestrian theme with my picnicking, canoeing, and horse-riding ideas.  Think: weekend in the countryside.

Now it’s time to vote! From now until Sunday at midnight the polls will be open. You can vote once each day, and the results will be kept a secret until the winner is announced – on Valentines Day! I can’t wait to find out which board I will be photographing and take the ideas and inspiration and turn them in to reality.

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