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Congratulations to the three following entries, which were selected to be in the running for the free engagement session! Now it’s time for you to decide the winner and vote in the poll below from now until Thursday at 6pm. However, before we get to know the three top boards, I have to say that choosing them was not at all an easy decision. I know each submission was carefully thought out to reflect the couple, the story of their relationship and love. With an evening on the lake, horseback riding picnic and rowboat ride in contention the competition was fierce. It ultimately came down to those boards and ideas that were most clear and cohesive in their storytelling and visual imagery. I am honored to have received all of the submissions and I really appreciate all of you who entered… and now I would love for all of you to vote!

#1. We have spent the majority of our relationship apart from each other for various reasons. I spent several months overseas studying abroad and my fiance has been all over the States training with the Navy and is now doing his 10 month deployment in the Middle East. In our engagement photo shoot I want to be able to capture the unique relationship that we
have because of his career in the Navy. I love the 1928 photograph “War Kiss” and I would like for us to be able to replicate that photo. We have had several opportunities to have “welcome home” kisses and they are pretty much the best thing about being apart from someone. Having this moment captured or recreating it would be very special for us. To add a touch of our own, I would like the backdrop to be outside. Once we’ve gotten dressed up in our vintage outfits I can envision us just doing every day things (reading by the water, drinking a cup of coffee, or just chatting about life) with vintage props (old books, vintage coffee cups). I can see us sitting on the ground pretending to read, but not being able to take our eyes off each other. Because we have spent so much time apart, we enjoy whatever we are doing when we are together.

#2. On the fateful night of april 1, 2011, dinner was cooking in their apartment and Z was acting strange. A moment later C entered the living room, looking like a hot mess in sweat pants, and Z was down on one knee. C didn’t believe that Z was really proposing, and even went to the extent to say that it was not a funny joke. Z hadn’t yet realized it was april fools day. She knew it was real when she finally looked down and saw her grandmothers wedding ring in Z’s hand. Of course she said yes, tears flew, and long distance phone calls were made. Who could have ever guessed that april fools day would become one of the most important days in our lives. As far as our dream engagement shoot goes:

down-to-earth : farm and food filled : easy-going : love-flowin : not frilly : and very silly

We are two people who believe in place.  where we come from is what has made us who we are.  we love each other, our families, our environment, and FOOD! We think a farm photo shoot would depict us perfectly…you can plant a seed but to see it come to fruition you must nurture it, watch it grow, and over time you can reap its bounty…this is very much like our relationship.  we have made it through rainy seasons and droughts, and now we are enjoying all of our hard work and love!

#3. The story of our proposal is the inspiration for our engagement session. From the location, to the time of day, to the handcrafted elements he chose to incorporate, it was a lovely proposal and I believe it’s more than worthy of recreating. It started early on a beautiful July morning, when my mom woke me up with a letter. I immediately recognized from the way my name was written on the front of the envelope that it was from my fiance, and that I was about to embark on an adventure! In the letter he asked me to meet him at Windy Valley Road, a gorgeous, winding country road we both love. Excited, confused, but fully trusting his directions, I drove to the road to find an antique blue Schwinn waiting for me in the parking lot. There was another handwritten letter waiting in the basket of the bike. After tearfully reading the words Joey had scripted about how our lives had been interwoven over the course of the last year or so, I read that he wanted me to ride up the road until I found a colorful bouquet of wild flowers waiting for me. I did this, a huge smile on my face, enjoying the cool air of a perfect summer morning. I found more of the story of “us” in this next letter, and instructions to ride just a little further up the road until I discovered a vintage wooden chair waiting for me. The chair was sitting near a creekside, under a shady groove of trees. I found one last letter waiting for me there, and as I sat on the chair to read it, J began walking towards me from a distance. The story becomes more real after this– it included the words Will you marry me? from J, a heartfelt YES! from myself, and a carefully selected engagement ring being put on my finger!

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