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Meet the brood. Now close to full grown, our chickens are twenty somethings not quite ready to lay eggs and start a family (not that any of them will be starting a family) but definitely out of their awkward stage and with a full coat of feathers. Just over a month ago they looked like this, and a month before that they were just little baby chicks when we first got them. It’s fun to see their personality develop, not that they are as emotive as a dog, but they know us and run over for treats when they’re out. Speaking of running, it’s hilarious to watch them run with heads stuck out, wings back and legs jauntily propelling them forward.

They moved outside a long time ago, and have been in temporary housing the whole time until their coop from Omlet arrives… which is a story in itself since our order was lost and we have been waiting over a month for nothing. Thankfully that’s all fixed and they should be able to move in to their real house soon. Until then what Matt and I craftily built one Sunday is a true work of art. A dog house converted chicken coop actually does the trick, but there is a reason I’m not taking up close pictures of the place. Imagine wood, screws, drill, chicken wire and just going to town. It turned out better than we thought but it was one of those marriage building activities you tell stories about for years. 20chicks2

The first question people ask when we say we have chickens is why. No, they are not for eating (although we just stocked up on locally raised birds and froze them) but they are for laying. You might be able to tell from a few too many food posts on this blog that Matt and I really like food. We like to cook and we like to eat… but more than that we care about where everything comes from. It’s a dangerous road to start caring about food since it can lead to some life altering changes. The way food is produced is so different from 50 years ago and it impacts our modern world in a lot of different ways. While I’m not claiming to be an expert on the topic the more I learn the more I’m convicted… and that’s not a bad thing.

So one of the things we decided to do was keep chickens. We live in the country, and that gives us more than enough space to do so although I like to think we would try this where ever we lived. Also, as a result of country life, there are other people with chickens around us and many people we know that care about food. In fact, when I think about it gardening at home, u-picking fruit + veg, canning, eating locally, etc… is the norm.

The second question people ask is if they are laying eggs – and while they have not started to earn their keep I can’t wait for that time to come. I even rounded up a few items I’m considering to compliment the bounty of eggs I’m anticipating. I really think I need a wire basket to gather the eggs in – that’s a must, right? If anything, it would at least make my life seem more idyllic.

1. FUZ Eggflat 2. Poachpod 3. Wire Egg basket 4. Egg Timer 5. Pedestal Egg Cup 6. Egg Crate


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