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Tug Hill Vineyard Wedding : Dan & Alaina

Mary Dougherty

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da01It was a beautiful September day, the sun shining as the boys played volleyball in the backyard and the girls finished hair and makeup inside. The house had seen many milestones in their lives, so it was fitting that the day started in the place she grew up. With her three sisters and three best friends by her side, Alaina was quick to help everyone get ready before the attention turned to her. She was used to sharing the spotlight with her sisters, and at the same time her easy going nature allowed her to stand apart. It was evident in the day, as usually stressful situations were no where to be found and things came together perfectly.

Just a several months earlier Dan had surprised her with a date to the Memorial Art Gallery after work. They loved to enjoy what Rochester had to offer and after spending time in the gallery they saw a special area sectioned of set up for a party or dinner. Indulging their mischievous sides, they decided to sneak over and check out the space to see what was going on. To Alaina’s surprise, it was set up for her and moments later Dan asked her to marry him. Rather than draw out their engagement they decided to wait months instead of years and began to plan. I can appreciate a short engagement and despite the thought that extra time is necessary it’s completely possible to pull off (I did it too!).

Alaina slipped in to her wedding dress and the back was carefully laced while gasps of awe and excitement could be heard. She was a bride, and a beautiful one. The boys were dashing in gray and suspenders with navy ties and playful colors that added just the right amount of personality. It was a day when you tossed all your cares aside and joined in the party. A day of happiness. It was one of those occasions that I was completely welcomed in to be a part of the day and felt just as much there for the wedding as I was there to photograph it. I have been able to get to know Alaina’s family for several years and while I love all of them I don’t know what I would do without her sister, Sarah, who is one of my best friends. I also had the absolute privilege of photographing the weddings of Alaina’s three best friends and am sad that I will be ending a chapter in their history, but grateful to have been a part of it. So with out further ado let’s celebrate Dan + Alaina and the celebration that started their lives as husband and wife!

This is why you take photos during getting ready. For lots of different moments, but especially the one above. Kingsley looked dapper in his bowtie +tuxedo shirt onesie, even if it was only for a few hours :) Below, the infamous portraits of all four sisters – it’s hard to tell them apart at that age, but I can pass the test of who is who in case you were wondering.da05da06da07da08da09da10da11da12da13da14da15da16da17da18da19da20da21da22da23da24da25da26da27da28da29da30da31da32da33da34da35da36da37da38da39da40da41da42da43da44da45da46da47da48da50da51da52da49da53da54da55da56da57da58da59da60

congrats again Dan + Alaina and hope you all enjoy!

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