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If a relationship was charted on a map, getting from point A to B would a cross-country journey. It may even be around the world, crossing through deserts and oceans, mountains and valleys, forests and plains. While you can take clues from others on the direction to go and the path to take, most often the trail you look back on is unique.

For Sophie and Peter that path started in college, where they met and became friends… took them to Africa where they studied abroad together… kept them apart as they started careers after graduation… and brought them to a point where Peter asked Sophie to marry him and she said yes.

Of course, that sentence does not even begin to delve into the details of their lives, what kept them together through the tough times and turned their friendship in to love. What’s beautiful is where they are now, and being able to look back on those times and see why they are stronger together than they are apart. So how do you sum up that relationship, and more importantly retell it visually?

When Sophie and Peter submitted their inspiration board they ventured to document all of the highlights of their traveling, academic, and long distance lives for the past few years. I loved their ideas and prospect of being able to collaborate with them. I say collaboration because with all of the ideas they brought to the table it inspired me and I readily accepted the challenge of creating images that told their story.

Looking back I couldn’t be happier with the finished images. Not only was it a blast to hang out with them but I think their photos hold true to their original intent. Here is an excerpt of what Sophie + Peter’s sent with their submission so you can judge the success.

We have spent a lot of our relationship traveling to see each other and perfecting the art of long distance communication. We’re finally engaged!, and are so excited about getting out into the world with each other. While away from Houghton over summers and even post-graduation we have spent countless hours on trains traveling to see each other. We can see ourselves talking, surrounded by books, newspapers, (things that we love) and being playful with old-fashioned telephones–looking at maps together, talking about where we’ll go next, doing things that best friends do.






I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Sophie and Peter – I’m planning to meet you at Ted’s next time I’m in DC so save me a poptart.

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