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Congratulations to the three following entries, now it’s time for you to decide the winner of the free engagement session! Vote for the session you would like to see photographed by leaving a comment on this post stating which couple you are voting for – either a blog comment or facebook comment will do. You can enter one time each day, until 11pm on Thursday April 11th.

Choosing the top 3 was not at all an easy decision. It was fun to hear from those of you who entered, and I’m grateful to all of you who shared this opportunity as well. I will admit I was a bit worried on Monday with only one submission in my inbox, but they started trickling in after that. In the end our top three boards were most clear and cohesive in their storytelling and visual imagery. I am honored to have received all of the submissions and I really appreciate all of you who entered… and now I would love for all of you to vote!


We met in Bangladesh where we both taught at a small Christian school in the capital city.  He’s a physics teacher, and I teach ICT and drama. We won’t be in the USA until July 1, and we get married on July 14th. I know it’s a very tiny window of time, but it’s the nature of living and working abroad.  We are also on a very tight budget with the wedding, multiple cross-atlantic flights and small incomes – so we don’t have plans for any engagement photo session.

Since Sam is English, I thought we could do an ode to English Tea Gardens. There are some beautiful gardens – some near Cornell, and some right in Rochester. There’s this company that rents out old mix-matched china sets and I thought it would be amazing to have an English Tea ‘party’.  Pinks, whites, creams. Big English roses and small sandwiches and meringues and macaroons in beautiful pastels.



My name is Rachel and my fiancé, Brandon proposed 10 days ago in Central Park! We already set the date for September 7 of this year, even though that’s only a little over 5 months until we get hitched. Crazy, but so exciting because I can’t wait to marry him!

Even though the past 10 days have been a whirlwind, I couldn’t be more pleased with how quickly and smoothly things are moving along. We decided to go with a “vintage carnival” theme for our wedding. Nothing too crazy… no clowns or bouncy houses or anything like that. We just think it’s such a fun theme for a late summer wedding and describes who we really are… young, fun, and laid back.

For our session I think it would be so fun and unique to do it at a carnival. We just like to have fun and that always happens when we are together. We really are best friends and I can’t wait to kiss him at the top of a ferris wheel or shove some cotton candy in his face :)


Jim is an Australian farm boy and I am a Canadian country girl. He is 6’5 and I am 5’1

My inspiration comes from our story. We met at camp. I was the nurse and he was a counselor (this is how my parents met too! Its a family tradition). From the moment we started dating we both knew it would be hard because of the distance, what I didn’t realize was the blessing that it became in our lives. We take the time to enjoy each place we are, we go for walks through the fields, often getting lost and at the same time getting to know each other better. He told me about his life in Australia, his family, friends and his favourite places. Often after dinner we would go for a walk down the railway tracks and into the fields behind the camp, I don’t think we will ever get tired of the peace and quiet we found there. Over the months we knew it was God keeping us together and he had given us this special place to remind us of his love.

Jim asked me to marry him on the old railway bridge behind the camp. The proposal happened like this: It was snowing and the ground was already covered with 2 feet of snow. I couldn’t figure out why he wanted to go for a walk there at that time of year, (honestly I was cold and not too excited about getting out of the car) but I thought if it makes him happy, Il go out and get cold. Once we reached the bridge he put his arms around me and we stared out over our field. He then bent down, I thought to tie his boots, and pulled out a ring! It was the most wonderful moment of my life <3 The best part is we are getting married by a waterfall on that same creek. Our perfect engagement session would include evening to sunset pictures in a field near our creek. It would be relaxed (non posy), romantic (not frilly), late summer when the fields are turning a golden colour.


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