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Some weddings are so unique and fun they stand out above the rest. It’s not just the location, the food, the weather that makes the day but it is so often the people. Tommy and Megan are the kind of people that would rather not be in the spotlight, in fact I think I heard Megan mention she would have been fine  with and even smaller affair. Their wedding reflected their personality and instead of asking everyone to focus on them, they invited everyone to celebrate with them. Taking place at the Williamsburg Inn (in colonial Williamsburg, Virginia) the wedding was midday and guested were invited to a high tea reception afterwards. Since Tommy and Megan did a first look and took pictures before the wedding, the day flowed very smoothly.

So, how did these two Wheaton grads meet and get together? It all started back in speech class. Megan signed up with friends but was put in a different section then all of them – a class that had a lot of upperclassmen. Tommy was one of those upperclassmen and they started to get to know each other.

When you like someone and are trying to figure out if they like you, you pick up signs and read into every move… which is why (understandably, I might add) when Megan sent Tommy some cookies in the mail he was sure she was in to him. While that might have been true, Megan is an avid baker and loves to make treats and share them with all her friends. After packaging up enough for everyone, she had some left over so she thought of Tommy from her speech class. Tommy thought he was the only one getting cookies, but it didn’t matter since it was just the move he needed to start pursuing her more, and the rest is history.

This gorgeous vine covered walkway was are of the Williamsburg Inn, and the perfect spot for the first look and some photos afterwards. Don’t they look so classic?

TOM’s are a favorite of Tommy + Megan and they incorporated them into the wedding as the gift to their wedding party. The guys wore the burlap classics for the wedding and the girls were given the yellow linen shoes.

I achieved a rare thing by getting some of these guys to jump – I didn’t know that until afterwards, but I think it was worth it!

The back of the Inn was gorgeous and the perfect spot for some wedding party pictures – both the building and the golf course, where there was also croquet set out!

The ceremony took place over looking the golf course from behind the Inn and it was beautiful.

Megan’s brother was deployed and couldn’t make it for the wedding… he was however in an article in the New York times on the same day! The high tea reception was amazing, and the staff at the Williamsburg Inn not only did an awesome job, but they were so helpful to everyone. Here are a few details from the reception:

Megan’s nephew was adorable! In between the reception we went to the front of the Inn for a few last shots with the bikes…

I’m so happy for you guys, and was thrilled to be a part of the day! I hope you enjoyed all of the images and to see the full set head to their gallery. Leave Tommy + Megan a comment or let me know what you think about the wedding + images and help them earn a free enlargement.

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