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I’m sure you’ve been dying for a re-cap of our move to Harrisonburg, VA and it’s your lucky day because I’m getting free wifi from Panera and am ready to blog. It was inevitable that I disappear for a while with the work involved in packing, lack of internet, and a busy week leading up to our drive down (2 weddings), but we survived and I’m excited to be back and would love to hear all your comments.


(lexi was a great passenger… I know I shouldn’t photograph + drive can you get pulled over for that?

Thankfully the drive was uneventful, and after help from friends to load the truck Saturday we hit the road Monday morning and arrived in the afternoon… with help to unpack as well! The piano was probably the most difficult + heavy object… hopefully that will be staying put for a while. Our last days in NY were great, but thankfully it didn’t really feel like we were leaving yet because I already have lots of trip planned to go back up, for weddings of course!


When we arrived at our new place there was lots to do, and Matt and I have mastered repainting so we took a trip to home depot + lowes and picked out the best oops paints ($5-$10.. so worth it + you can find some great colors) and got to work. The living room got a coat of blue (it’s a gamble, but I think overall it’s good), dining room, bedroom, 2nd bedroom, + entryway were all spruced up as well with new paint. It was a mess for a while moving around boxes to paint rooms, but once we were done it felt more like home and we were able to start unpacking. In fact, last night we tackled the kitchen and stayed up to 1:00 doing so. We’ve accomplished a lot and it will be great to get settled in, especially so we can have visitors! We are now accepting reservations :]

Along the way we’ve been exploring Harrisonburg and spent this morning getting some fresh veggies at the farmers market – which apparently is the place to be Saturday morning. Lexi made us popular as everyone loves a cute little dog… so I’ve decided to take her everywhere to help me make friends :] haha okay not really but it’s not a bad idea, right? Oh and the first day in Hburg we went on a group run from the local running shop and there was someone I raced against at nationals in college which made it feel like a small world. We have yet to explore the trails that surround us and we’ve heard so much about, but I’m looking forward to that and I’m sure we will soon… tomorrow perhaps? Well it’s time to go but more on life in VA and most importantly recent photographs soon!

p.s. all photos taken with my amazing new camera… no not really, it was on my phone- but not bad, eh?

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