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It felt like race day. With many years of experience as a runner Megan knew the feeling well. It normally disappeared when the gun went off, but it was highly unlikely she would be able to fit in a run with her wedding in just a few hours. Of course, that is why they had planned a first look – a chance for her and Brian to see each other and spend a moment alone – the perfect way to start a wedding day. She sat in the hotel suite with her bridesmaids and mom by her side and tried to keep the nerves down. It was all so real and unbelievably true. Marrying your best friend can do that to you.

That best friend is Brian, a true southern boy who she fell in love with while at school in Virginia. They met long enough to become friends and start a relationship, but not long enough to live in the same state for very long. Megan moved back to her home state of New York for graduate school and despite the long distance their relationship grew. With a full day’s drive trip in between them, they dealt with the occasional trip to see each other – no one can really get used to that, or wants to – in between hours on the phone. They couldn’t wait to live in the same state, let alone get married.

This summer their dream wedding took place and they celebrated with an elegant yet rustic affair in Rochester New York. The Rabbit Room at the Lower Mill in Honeoye Falls was the perfect location with character, history and of course fresh and seasonal food. It was a wedding to remember and talk about for years to come. At the end of the day Brian and Megan went home together, to live in the same state, city, and home. Welcome to New York, Brian, and congratulations to both of you it was so wonderful to document your day.


Megan wore a gorgeous Maggie Sottero lace dress that fit like a glove…  mb_05mb_06mb_07mb_08

a few words of encouragement before the day really beginsmb_09mb_10mb_11mb_12mb_13

The guys had some pictures taken outside before the first look, but when the time came everyone went inside so that Megan and Brian could enjoy the moment alone. It’s hard to explain a first look to someone who has never been a part of one, but it is such a unique part of a wedding for those who choose to include it. I find it allows couples to enjoy the day more by spending more of it together. It also allows them to share the excitement of the day together before they start celebrating with everyone else. Many times, it helps calm some nerves and it certainly was the perfect start for Megan and Brian.


When they were ready, we started taking some pictures and because of the schedule of their day we had plenty of time for photos which was so nice. It allowed me to capture more variety and it also kept them from feeling rushed.


We took family and bridal party photos before the ceremony, and afterwards went in to the town of Honeoye Falls for a few more pictures before joining in on cocktail hour. Since there were so many to choose from I am obviously not including something from every part of the day, but you can see the full set soon over at my proofing site.mb_34mb_35mb_36

Megan did many diy projects for the wedding, including the banners you see above which were a fun addition to the photos. I love to include details – especially hand made – into wedding pictures. mb_37mb_38mb_39mb_40mb_41mb_42mb_43mb_44mb_45

Soon we were off to the Lower Mill and the Rabbit Room to join in on the celebration. It’s rustic charm drew me in and I can’t wait to go back for dinner, a gallery show or another wedding!mb_46mb_47

mason jars lined each table and filled the room with warm light and the sun set. The kids had a room to themselves upstairs complete with crafts and games so that they had fun as well. mb_48mb_49mb_50mb_51

On the porch a prop table was set up with items Megan made – and I shot a round of images for guests after capturing the kids who were too cute to resist. mb_52mb_53mb_54mb_55mb_56

It came together perfectly, and for these two below it was the end of a long distance relationship and the start of a marriage to last a very long distance! mb_57

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