The Love Story of Sheffield + Ginna

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gs_blog01Sheffield stepped up to read his vows and asked, “for those of you who knew me before I met Ginna, how many of you thought I would never marry?” Hands shot up in the air and laughs punctuated the silence. He continued, “The reason you thought that was because I was convinced I was meant to be alone. I believed it so much I made everyone around else around me believe it too…. I never thought that I would find someone who loved me just the way I am, especially someone so hot.”

They first met at a wedding. Some of their first exchanges were recorded congratulations to their mutual friends on that wedding day. During that first meeting they shared stories and interests and from that point on their lives would never be the same. Of course, like any great love story (and Sheffield and Ginna’s story is truly great) their journey did not come without challenges. Five years after that first meeting, on October 10th, 2010 they proved that their love was greater than anything that could keep them apart and pledged to love and live together forever.

Never have I been to a wedding that has expressed more deeply – in each aspect of the day – the love between two people. Sheffield and Ginna bonded over many things, but they particularly loved words. As actors they knew the power of words and memorized and delivered them daily. No words were more genuine, more true, or sincere than the ones they declared on their wedding day.

Sheffield and Ginna, as I try to describe your day I hardly know where to start. It was wonderful and thank you for not only letting me document it, but for inviting me to be a part of it. I’m so happy that you found each other and enjoy reliving the details and moments through these pictures.

The wedding took place at Barren Ridge Vineyards in Fishersville, Virginia. It was a gorgeous fall day and as guests arrived they enjoyed wine and the view from the outdoor patio. gs_blog03gs_blog04

Once again, Ginna’s custom dress is stunning. gs_blog05gs_blog06gs_blog07

Ginna got ready with the help of her sister and Jenny (her good friend and dressmaker) two of the few people who knew about Ginna’s dress. Since the dress was two pieces she worn the long skirt for the ceremony and surprised everyone when she took it off during the reception to reveal the short dress! gs_blog08

Lots of time and effort went in to planning and creating the decorations for the wedding. Dream and Love were the two words that wedding was based off of, and a rustic fall theme was also woven in with apples, berries, pine cones, leaves and ribbon.gs_blog09gs_blog10

Each table setting had a custom painted wine bottle that held branches adorned with people’s names on custom wine glass charms – so creative :)gs_blog11gs_blog12gs_blog13

The cake was three different cakes and during the cake cutting Ginna + Sheffield tried all three and then pointed to their favorite – a game they’ve always played. gs_blog14gs_blog15

The ceremony started and Ginna walked in with her father holding her vows, tied up in ribbon. gs_blog16gs_blog17gs_blog18

Sheffield poses the question “who thought I would never marry” and friends respond:gs_blog19

The ceremony was truly unique and had a number of traditions that made it special. One example was the ring passing – the rings made their way around the room and to each and every guest so that everyone could take part in the exchanging that happened at the end of the ceremony. gs_blog20gs_blog21

They were proclaimed husband and wife, kissed and exited the room with joy and excitement!


Right after the ceremony we stepped out into the vineyard for some pictures, and it was perfect timing. The sun was about to set and the light was amazing…


The sunset really was gorgeous – so much more beautiful in real life, I have to say. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres on the veranda and as the light dimmed everyone gathered inside for the celebration to begin. gs_blog41gs_blog42gs_blog43

Once inside guests dined, laughed, shared, and kissed. The speech by Sheffield’s “Primo Amigo” (as they called their best man, John) now ranks as my favorite best man speech. Ginna and Sheffield kissed when another couple did first and this is the best update (in my opinion) to clinking of glasses. It was an evening filled with everything you could want in a wedding and then it came time to dance. gs_blog48gs_blog49


…and after the formal dancing Ginna invited her friends up to surround her…gs_blog51

…and emerged with a short dress! gs_blog52

this really got the party started and the dancing continued well into the nightgs_blog53gs_blog55

They marked 10:10.10 on October 10th, 2010 and threw petals in the air and celebrated! gs_blog54

The evening was complete and when it came time to leave guests were given a ride on the trolley back to their hotels. gs_blog56

Like this last picture, the day felt like a dream. I’m so glad you found each other, Sheffield and Ginna and I know you’re on your way to live happily ever after. nightsky

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