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taking pictures indoors

taking pictures indoors - interior of Sunstone Winery in San Ynez California beautiful European inspired wedding venue photographed by Mary Dougherty

There is one thing holding people back from taking pictures indoors… good light. We are unaware of the color of light, unsure of it’s direction and unable to control it on our own. As a result our images are blurry, muddy and not true to life.

Because of this problem, I’m going to give you a simple exercise to guide you in finding light that exists in your home so you can create images like this.

taking pictures indoors

  • turn off all of your lights
  • open curtains or shades
  • notice where light is falling throughout the day

Once you recognize the way light is present in your home already, choose locations with the best light. Clear out a corner. Move the sofa. Simplify what is there and use it as a space for creating photos.

Having lived in my home for almost three years I know that in the morning we have the best light in my kitchen + dining room. In the afternoon the sunroom is brightest, unless it’s summer and then there is a green cast from the leaves surrounding the house. Next to the window in my bedroom there is always usable light during the day.

properties of light + it’s color

Have you walked into a bathroom somewhere and it looked and felt green? Or have you noticed how yellow your pictures can be inside? Kelvin measures the color of a light source and is most notable when taking pictures indoors. The easiest way to avoid mixing colors and muddy pictures is to turn off your lights. Artificial light can be very useful when shooting inside but start simple.

With a tripod, you can take a long exposure even in a dark space and see where light is creeping in. Giving light direction will add depth to your pictures, which is why I suggest using a window. You can place an object in the light and study shadows.

For more tutorial on creating images at home + editing tips join me at bit.ly/MDP-picture



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