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I’m one of those people that can over listen to music. I can’t help rewinding, replaying or repeating a song or album. So I listen and listen until I move on to something new – but if I listen to that song for long enough, it sticks with me and becomes associated with that time in my life.

Like when Matt and I first started dating, and the first summer we spent together driving across New York to attend friends weddings and see each other we would blast black eyed peas with the windows down since the air conditioning was broken in his car. Or when I was in college and would spend late nights in the art building darkroom and to the almost discarded Ace of Bass cd from a roommate and danced to it over and over as I developed prints in the dark. Or maybe way back in elementary school when I went camping with my dad and sister and we had the tape of Michael W. Smith’s Go West Young Man and drove the whole way to the UP singing along. picture perfect. rocket town. oh, rebecca.

So the other day Matt came home from a trip to the store with a record player. It was somewhat of an impulse buy, but I think I could trace back his train of thought if I had to. It would go something like this: -I love the Tour de France, I need to watch the stage today – team Radioshack hasn’t been doing that well with so many crashes – I haven’t been to Radioshack in a while – I’m going to go to Radioshack, plus they sponsor a team at the tour so that’s cool (enters radioshack) -I’m just going to look around and see if there’s anything cool – look! a record player that’s cool! – oh and I have that stack of records from my grandfather – done. I’m buying the record player. Mary will like this.

Not only did he come home with a record player, he soon purchased three new records – John Coltrane, Bon Iver + Foster the People. He won me over, not that I wasn’t down with the record player in the first place – it can connect to your computer and make mp3’s from your records! Also as a side note with the new records we were also given digital downloads of the files with the record purchase – so you really get double. Since I had already been listening to Foster the People it has now been playing for long enough that I think it will stick as the soundtrack of summer 2011. records05records03records02

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