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Saturday was busy and Sunday was relaxing. It took me about an hour to get out of the house with two dogs and head to the track meet at U of R on Saturday morning. I packed up their stuff and spent the first 20 minutes of the drive being annoyed at them as they whined in the passenger seat since I refused to let them on my lap. If I let one the other wants to come too and that’s just too much. I need boundaries. Thankfully they calmed down and enjoyed being out in the sun at the meet and spending time with the runners. Thanks runners for playing with our dogs! It didn’t take long to realize that I was overdressed for the warm weather but happily embraced shedding layers and feeling warm for the first time in a while. I left the meet just before it was finished to head up to Ontario Beach park for Shawn and Shelly’s session. I had been looking forward to their shoot since they contacted me we started to plan what it would look like. It turns out we picked a perfect day and while we didn’t expect the wind to pick up like it did they braved the cold and it was totally worth it. Their little dog Jackson stole the show for many of the photos and was the perfect picture of obedience. It renewed my desire to continue training our dogs so that they wouldn’t embarrass us in public by barking at toddlers.

After everything wrapped I made my way home and it didn’t take long to find out I was locked out of the house. Matt was still coming back from the track meet so I spent some time peeking through every door and window to find a way in. Good news – I couldn’t break in to our house. Bad news – I was locked out. Thankfully with Matt home the problem was resolved and we didn’t have to camp out in the backyard with the deer as I had imagined. I mean, that could be fun but we at least need a tent, you know?

After waking up inside in our own bed we enjoyed a relaxed Sunday going to church, spending time outside and reminiscing about when we had a trampoline and how we really should get another one. My mom called and reminded me that she and my dad were coming today and of course I had forgotten that they were actually coming Monday. When we had talked it seemed so far of and distant and then it had arrived. We settled on doing a bit of cleaning before eating some Ben + Jerry’s to finish off the day. It was a good weekend.

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