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In my opinion, the second trimester is the most fun of the three. Hopefully and sickness or hungry pains that rule your world have passed, and you have entered the unique stage that everyone thinks of when they picture a pregnant woman : cute, happy and not too pregnant. People comment that “you look so cute” which is awesome, because in a few months the comments will switch to “are you sure you aren’t having twins?” and “are you going to fit in a booth if we seat you there?” So while I’m eager to refute their compliment, I know I should enjoy it. Seriously, everyone gets big at the end… except for those people we all secretly hate. I take that back, because if “all about that bass” has taught me anything it’s that every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top – even while pregnant.

The weeks keep passing by, and I am well into my third tri, but this picture takes us back three months ago to our fun family adventure at the beach in Rhode Island. I was enjoy the middle phase of baby growing, which fits perfectly as today I’m sharing my second trimester favorites. This follows up my first post in the series and you can expect a few more if you are interested in staying tuned!

My best advice is to enjoy this stage – not because what’s coming next is bad, but that there are more challenges and hopefully this stage will give you a break to prepare. The fact that you are having a baby has fully set in, you have a cute bump and it’s time to get ready. Here are my picks for the second trimester :second-trimester-favorites

1. Jeans : It is so worth it to invest in a good pair of maternity jeans. Depending on where you work, you may choose to buy them in black or perhaps switch to the pixie pant – but either way do yourself a favor a get at least one good pair early. I like the low waist but that’s just me – try on a few styles and then commit to one pair you can rock all the time. I bought my jcrew jeans during one of the infamous 40% off sales so they ended up being around $45.

2. Flattering Shirt : I still think finding clothes you feel comfortable and good in is important, because if you are like me it affects your whole outlook on the world. I haven’t been one to fully splurge on a maternity wardrobe, however, choosing to add just a few pieces here and there. Anthropologie has actually been one of my favorite places to find clothes that fit – because a lot of their style have loose fitting/extra fabric type of shirts that you can wear during the second tri… and after the baby is born. Doesn’t it feel good to know you will actually be able to wear something again?

3. Birthing Prep : Our paths may diverge at this point but now is the time when preparing for birth becomes a reality. I think it’s important to know what’s going on so you can make informed decisions when the time comes to have your baby. Everything from the kinds of intervention you receive to your reaction to said decisions will make a big impact on you and your baby. Birth is a physical event and one that takes preparation for both mentally and physically. I think it’s okay to be scared, but to recognize those fears and read and talk to people who can help you prepare for the birth you want. In addition to attending a great class at Beautiful Birth Choices and we complied some reading material. A few of my favorites include : Active Birth & Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

4. Post-it’s : My biggest complaint about the second tri is that it is when a serious case of pregnancy brain sets it. I start to forget things, and I mean really forget things and I drive myself crazy. Having a system to keep lists or remind yourself of important events / dates / etc… is essential.

5. Tums : For the first time in my life I started to experience heartburn while pregnant, so Tums came to the rescue!

6. Bathing Suit : Things have been changing for you for a while, but at this point your normal activity might start to feel a little less fun… or you may decide to give up running all together. Now is the perfect time to swim, if you haven’t already. Whether you’re ready to do laps or just aqua jog, taking the pressure off of your legs, feet and back is amazing. However, you probably want to invest in a maternity bathing suit or find something other than your favorite bikini to go to the pool in… and find a few pregnant friends to conquer the pool with together.

7. Belly Butter : I love all the Fiddlebumps products, because they are made with 100% natural ingredients by hand. It matters to me because there are no regulations or health studies required on the ingredients included in personal care products. Skin is your largest organ which easily absorbs everything you put on it. Many commercial products contain all kinds of preservatives, additives and toxins which have been linked to pretty harmful stuff. I loved the belly butter from Fiddlebumps and their baby balm as well.

For instance, in August 2005, scientists from the University of Rochester reported that prenatal exposure to phthalates — chemicals found in personal care products and other consumer products — could cause the reproductive organs of male infants to develop abnormally (Swan 2005).

8. Molasses : Iron is so important for developing babies and for the health of mom’s. Often times iron is prescribed but it is often synthetic and not as easily absorbed. Blackstrap molasses has the unique combination of vitamins (particularly vitamin C) + minerals (folate, a natural source of folic acid) essential for health and absorption which has long made it a favorite for combating anemia and increasing iron levels. Before you buy any blackstrap molasses, check the label as some are more iron rich than others (they can range from 4% – 20% of daily intake per serving). If you don’t think you can find a way to stir molasses into your favorite smoothie or incorporate it into a recipe, make yourself eat a tablespoon! We used to have our runners do this on a bi-weekly basis and it gave us amazing results.

What did I miss? I hope you found something helpful and stay tuned for more in this series!


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