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Romantic Backyard Wedding : Katie + Justin

Mary Dougherty

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The day was significant: it wasn’t just a weekend on the calendar, a number marking days gone by, your typical early fall Saturday. The day that Katie and Justin wed signaled the end of a long phase of patiently working on their relationship to bring them to the day they could say “I do.” The map they had to bring them to that point was lost a few times, re-drawn, and at times abandoned but they still found their way. Eight years of pursing and being pursued proved to build a life changing relationship, witnessed by all as Katie and Justin declared their vows on their wedding day.

I have no doubt that in 20 years – if not sooner – Justin and Katie will be sharing the wisdom from their experience with younger couples. I can see them sitting close, holding hands, reminiscing about their wedding and the time spent dating up until that point. They might barely remember their lives without each other. However the day that defined them as a couple, their wedding day, will always be remembered and the pictures here are to help everyone do so.


The house Katie called home stood tall dressed in ivy and bright white gables. If the house was built for just one day, this was certainly the one. Inside Katie was attended to by her closest friends, who dressed in matching colors and asked suggestions about earrings and the placement of flowers in their hair. Just out the window guests started to arrive, as Katie placed her veil on and took a moment to pray with her bridesmaids and invite God to be with them on the day. They knew that this day had been in the making for quite some time, and while she didn’t always know when it would come or what it would look like, she took a deep breath and enjoyed that it was finally here.


Grandparents drove up in classic cars and made their way to the front of the ceremony site. Situated in front of the garden ruins and lined with saplings there was never a more beautiful aisle to walk down. Groomsmen entered through the back, girls processed in, and little baby Everett just a week old was carried by his mom in a family heirloom baby blanket with the rings carefully on top.


Katie walked out the front door and down the aisle to her groom. The ceremony was both eloquent and entertaining as truth was spoken and lives were bound together when Katie and Justin promised their love to each other.


The bridal party gathered at the historic stone church – which was a convenient rain location – for photos and guests enjoyed lawn games, tea and scones at the house as they mingled around the yard.


Delicate lace table clothes, custom wood table numbers and bundles of lavender filled every table. To top it off, each place card tucked in a napkin had a custom note from the bride and groom to the guest. No detail was over looked and it was a night to remember as everyone dined, toasted, and danced to celebrate the newlyweds. Congratulations again Katie + Justin and thank you for inviting me to join you!


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