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restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo03It’s one of their favorite restaurants. It’s one of my favorite restaurants. Chances are, if you live in the Rochester area, it’s one of your favorite restaurants too… or will soon be. Restaurant Good Luck. Bettina and Blaine planned one of those engagement sessions that is both unique and uncomplicated. When one of your favorite restaurants has a kick ass interior that is both well designed and thoughtfully put together, it’s worth seeing if you can shoot there, and they could! restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo02

Arrangements were made and we met on a sunny afternoon a few weeks ago. I arrived early and sat for a few minutes on the bench across the street from the entrance. It was right next to the garden, and consequently right next to a house with an owner named Tina who came out to talk to me. She did most of the talking and told me about the garden that she helps watch over and discourages people who think they can come take anything for free. Yes, Good Luck has it’s own garden which is another reason it should be on your favorite list (of course, when did we all stop having gardens?)restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo01

When Bettina and Blaine arrived we went inside where dinner prep was wrapping up. Tables were set, pasta was being rolled out, and the light streamed through the windows in a perfect “this was meant to happen” way. We talked, they had a glass of wine, and while no one enjoyed some of their delicious food I know I’m already planning my next dinner out.restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo04restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo05restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo06restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo07restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo08restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo09restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo10restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo11restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo12restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo13restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo14restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo15restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo16restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo17restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo18restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo19restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo20restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo21restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo22restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo23restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo24restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo25restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo26

After spending some time at Restaurant Good Luck we headed close to their house and picked up the other member of their family for some photos. My clients love their dogs and we photograph them whenever we get the chance. As long as there are some treats it works out great! (the treats are for me)restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo27restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo28restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo29restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo30restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo31restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo32restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo33restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo34restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo35restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo36

I love a couple that can make each other laugh and Bettina and Blaine are no exception. I look forward to joining them and their family and friends this summer for their wedding and until then stay in touch with me here!restaurant_good_luck_engagement_mary_dougherty_photo37


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