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In the middle of January, just two weeks out from my due date, my blog broke. I first noticed it in Google Reader, when new posts weren’t appearing. Next I noticed when a post was shared on facebook the link lacked the pretty preview with a photo and small description. Just a plain url. Who wants to see a plain url? Speaking of, this post has no image, which means that 90% of visitors haven’t read this sentence. I tried to come up with an image that would fit the topic, considered images that didn’t fit the topic, and in the end gave up because I have a newborn baby and the clock is ticking.

So back to me freaking out. Yes, I was acting like the world was ending because technology is great until it stops working and I have no idea how to fix it. I contacted Prophoto Blogs, the creators of my blog template to see if they could help me out. I’ve been a faithful customer for four years – and by that I mean I bought my blog template from them way back when. I’m one of thousands of customers – there are so many prophoto blogs out there (by photographers mostly) it’s ridiculous… but I mean that in a good way. They deserve to have thousands of customers. I had no problems up until this point with my blog so I started a customer service request with them to try and fix it. After a few days and email convos with my soon to be Robin Hood, Steve, he determined that it wasn’t an error on their end, and suggested I talk with my site host.

As the days are passing, which are basically eons in the technology world (it’s kind of like dog years x88) I’m starting to think there will never be a solution, because I like to be dramatic in these situations. I contact my site host, Bluehost, and begin the most frustrating customer service experience ever where I try to describe my problem and the people helping me say things like “what’s Google Reader?” Yeah. It was a nightmare. I was getting no where I spent a full day in my pajamas calling them 5 different times and thinking that the stress would send me in to labor.

Back to Robin Hood. Steve has been emailing with me through the whole process and and trying to make sense of what Bluehost is saying. He chats with them a few times and in the end (after 10 frustrating days) gets on the phone and is able to do what I am unable to do. He gets in touch with someone who can actually help, and explains the problem enough so that they can find what might be causing it. It was some kind of firewall thing that wasn’t letting my site interact properly. A fluke, that they didn’t know existed… but Steve helped them find it.

Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Nope, that analogy doesn’t work, but I have never had such good customer service in my life.

Even though the problem had nothing to do with Prophoto they were kind enough to stick with me… and find a solution. That is why I love Prophoto, and will shout it from the mountaintops. So yes, if you are wondering where I would recommend going for a blog template / website layout that is easily customizable and has great customer service, you know where I’ll send you. I love you Prophoto!

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