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the post pandemic wedding we waited for

post pandemic wedding

This post pandemic wedding is the celebration we have been waiting for. In fact it was my first big wedding after vaccines and the ability to gather, and it lives up to the hype. While I thought about all of my couples during 2020, Farah and Sam kept coming to mind. They lived in Brooklyn and Farah is a doctor, so they have had a front row seat to the difficulty of not only postponing a wedding but the devastation of the virus. It was just a few weeks before their June wedding that it was announced dancing would be allowed, and once you get to the end of this post you will see what a big deal that was.

With the help of an amazing team, this wedding came to life beautifully. Planner : Events by Lauren Marie | Makeup by Nadia Ali | Venue : Statler City | Band : Silver Arrow | Video : Shutterdream | Florist : Florish | Cake : Muscoreils

To inquire about working together reach out here and I can’t wait to hear from you!

The Statler Wedding Venue in Buffalo, NY

The Statler is located in downtown Buffalo, New York and is a venue well suited to large gatherings. Right across from the building is the courthouse, which we shot in front of during sunset. There is nothing like the happiness of a wedding day when all of the formalities are finished. I love a perfect portrait, but these more candid and lived in images are what stand out to me.

Interfaith Wedding

There are some people who effortlessly incorporate tradition into their wedding day. Farah and Sam did just. they hosted an interfaith wedding that combined their Jewish + Muslim faiths beautifully. Married by a family friend, traditions were woven together. Everyone was brought in to a beautiful story.

Il Mulino Wedding Photos

Getting ready for the bride side and groom side happened close by in downtown Buffalo. A barbershop, salon and overall beautiful space to be in, Il Mulino is a perfect place for getting ready.

Farah had her outfit custom fit by a friend to achieve a stunning look and off the shoulder design.

A first look took place at the Buffalo Historical Museum. With pictures were taken before the ceremony and the priority was being with guests.

Once the party began it did not stop. From performances, a hora and non-stop dancing with guests it was a celebration years in the making and worth the wait. I loved being a part of each moment. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!



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