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It wasn’t too long ago that I headed up to Canada for Paul and Maretta’s wedding. It was the end of the summer and the days were gorgeous – their wedding day was no exception. Thinking back, however, what made the day so memorable really was the people. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of Maretta’s family especially because I’m good friends with her cousin Mary Claire. I have to thank everyone for letting me into their lives and having a great time up in Kingston. Everyone that I met at the wedding was wonderful and it’s clear Paul and Maretta have a great system of family and friends to support them. So, what did their day look like – the day that they began their lives together? A little something like this…

Everything started out at Maretta’s house. We went to the salon, came back for makeup, and everyone got ready in the comfort of the home she grew up in. The pace of the day was nice and relaxed, even though the wedding was an afternoon affair that ended before evening. The bridesmaids slipped into their dresses in navy before helping Maretta into her silk taffeta dress.

It was really exciting once Maretta was completely ready. She was beaming along with all of her bridesmaids. It was time to go meet Paul who was waiting down stairs and take some photos with the whole bridal party before the ceremony.

It was time to head to the church, and we were off. Final preparations were made at everyone started to arrive. Instead of a guest book, Maretta and Paul had something more personal – a paddle. Their love for the outdoors includes canoeing so they decided to have everyone sign a paddle. love it!

After taking their vows and committing to one another they were pronounced husband and wife and it was time for the reception. It was early afternoon and everyone gathered for a late lunch, leaving lots of time for celebration. Every table had a disposable camera on for people to capture memories which I think is a great way to get even more fun photos of your guests at a wedding. Just in case the photo below didn’t turn out, I documented it as well.

Speeches were given and it was hilarious when Paul’s mom talked about the first loves in Paul’s life. She had saved a few notes from elementary school that a few girls (maybe even girlfriends?) had written, proclaiming their love for him and even acknowledging the feelings other girls had for him as well. Grade school romances aside, all of the speeches revealed history of Maretta and Paul and their impact in the lives of their friends and family… and the story of their love for each other.

I really was loving b&w’s from the reception. They just looked so much simpler and more beautiful than in color – what do you think? Soon it was time to go and Maretta and Paul said their goodbyes to leave for their honeymoon.

They actually had one more stop before they packed up, drove to Toronto, and left on their surprise honeymoon. We went back to Maretta’s house and finished taking some pictures. It was completely worth it, without the rush of typical photos when they’re in between something, and had the natural, relaxed, and joyful feel that comes when you’ve just been married!

One of my favorites – and it’s so perfectly them. Aren’t wedding days beautiful? To see the full set of photos visit my proofing link at the top menu bar. As always, last name passwords will get you in and let me know if you have any questions.

I hope everyone enjoyed these and please know how much fun it was for me to be at this wedding! I loved it and enjoy looking back on the day through the pictures. congrats again Paul and Maretta!

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