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We climbed up the mountain trail with bags in hand. Rodger led the way, skipping from rock to rock in flip flops as Joanna and I followed behind. We planned their New Mexico mountain engagement session when Matt and I had the chance to visit at the beginning of last month. With their wedding in May already booked on my calendar, I wouldn’t be able to join my cousin on her day and take part in the family reunion that would ensue. A visit on our own would have to do and we fell in love with New Mexico like we do every time (mild winters, plenty of trails to run on, climbing nearby, vast desert landscape : yes please!)

The trail snaked somewhere on the other side of the rock wash as we forged our own path to the top. After overcoming the disappointment of leaving Rodger’s shirt at home (that we had spent so long selecting) we went ahead and started taking pictures on the windy mountainside. It was beautiful. Not only was the hike worth it, but spending time with these two was so much fun. Rodger is up for any adventure and Joanna is equally animated and honest which I know will serve them well in their married life. I can’t believe they’re getting married! I’m just so excited and hope you enjoy some of the favorites I’m sharing with you here.


in case you needed a sense of scale, I climbed below to get this shot of them sitting on the rocky edge overlooking the city of Albuquerque new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo10new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo11new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo12new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo13new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo14new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo15new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo16new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo17new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo18new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo19

Here they tell the story of their first kiss and it’s a great one. You simply have to hear it in person, but these images do a pretty good job of summarizing it. new_mexico_albuquerque_mountain_engagement_photo20

The night ended with a gorgeous sunset which escorted us out as we headed to join the family for dinner at Jared + Esther’s. It was a great day, I even won the game of poker we played at the end of the night.


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