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Middlebury, Vermont Winter Wedding : Meghan + Ian

Mary Dougherty

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A winter wedding, outside. It was a central decision to Meghan + Ian’s wedding planning. Now living in Virginia, they both had years of memories in snowy Vermont and it stood out as the place they would travel to and celebrate. After deconstructing the wedding day they rebuilt it to be something of their own, a intimate weekend with family and friends in a snowy mountain town.

A few years earlier they had crossed paths. Running in the same circles – literally – they missed a few chances to get to know each other until one winter night. Meghan made it clear that it would be a good idea if Ian asked her out, and he took the hint. They planned to meet up on the eve of one of Virginia’s biggest snowstorms two years ago. Not knowing where each other lived, they talked on the phone and toyed with the idea of putting off getting together… until they realized they basically lived around the block. It was too good to be true. Perhaps there were many other times they had passed by on the street.

Both similar and yet so very different, together they found balance and a relationship that worked. Their wedding day was as unique as both of them and it looked like this…


Meghan wanted to add her own touch to her wedding dress and made a velvet sash to tie around the waist. It was crisp and elegant and her whole ensemble was stunning.


Ian and Meghan commissioned rings from Victoria Moore, a jeweler and metalsmith who works with damascus steel, referring to the layers of metal folded and forged together to created the signature pattern you see above. Highlighted with inlays of gold, the rings fit together and are one of a kind.


The vibrant and bold colors contrasted the cold winter day and added such life. Meghan and Ian chose to do a first look which is something I love so much. They had a moment alone to revel in the day and enjoy taking pictures while guests finished getting ready for the wedding.


We ventured throughout Middlebury and braved the cold for scenic images… but it was cold!


I had found the perfect spot to capture mountains without an excess of buildings in the background on the edge of Middlebury’s campus the day before the wedding. I love getting to know a location and often travel to new locations so I do so a day before when possible.


It was time for the ceremony, and if you didn’t believe me this wedding really was outside. In the gazebo on the town green Meghan and Ian gathered surrounded by their 15 guests and exchanged their vows.


Afterward everyone gathered across the green at the Middlebury Community House, a historic home with the intimate feeling Meghan and Ian were looking for. It was decked out for Christmas and allowed everyone in attendance another chance to get together and celebrate before the holidays.


The table was beautifully clothed and accented in fabric designed by Meghan’s cousin. Stockings were sewn and stuffed with goodies hanging off each chair for guests to enjoy. Custom pints bore the logo printed on all materials for the wedding, adding a common thread that tied the day together.


Safe from the winter wind talking, drinking, and laughing commenced. Around a long table everyone sat down to an early Christmas dinner and intimate wedding reception as they shared a family style meal and toasted the relationship before them. Congratulations again M+I and thanks to everyone for inviting us in to document the day!


venue Town Green, Middlebury VT   wedding dress Impression Bridal  veil Etsy : The Red Magnolia   hair Valerie Smith-Hastings   makeup Hannah Zeno   rings Victoria Moore   flowers The Blossom Basket  groom’s attire Highland Outfitters  officiant Zeke Church  paper goods  custom pint glasses Etsy : Factory21  reception music Celticladda  catering  Janice Munson

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