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With 16 weddings down and 9 to go there is a lot on the horizon for this fall. September really is the new July and I thought the busiest part of my year was behind me but I don’t mind that I’m wrong. However, if I told you everything I was actually doing you might get scared so I’m going to ease you into it and start off with a few of my upcoming travel plans!

I’m headed to a few big cities and would love to hear from you if you want to meet me for the first time over coffee, catch up over dinner or even go for a run! In mid September I’ll be heading down to D.C. for a day (or maybe two), in early October I’m going out to New York City and in early November I’ll be in Boston for a wedding and have a little bit of time to play around with. I really would love to hear from you if you are around and even if it doesn’t work out to meet up maybe it will in the future. So email me or leave a comment and let’s talk.

While we’re talking I might as well tell you a story. First the background – I’m actually writing you from my home state of Michigan, sitting in my parent’s house and wondering who I will recognize and who I will vaguely remember when I go to Caribou later on today. I’m out here for Liz + Matt’s wedding, which I am so looking forward to and can’t wait to share with you even though I haven’t taken any of the pictures yet.

Just a day ago I got ready to drive over here – and cross through Canada because that is the easiest way to go from Buffalo to Detroit – and Matt helped me get ready. He’s a great husband, really, I couldn’t ask for anything more and it’s always nice when he helps pack up my things and sends me on my way. So, he was in charge of getting all of the documents together (ie passport) for crossing and I left that in his hands. I started my trip, made it up to Buffalo only to discover I had his passport and not mine. Yes, almost two hours of driving and I was not even at square one, I was somewhere between square -1 and I give up. I called Matt and while we both couldn’t believe what had happened I knew that I should have checked. He should have checked, but I should have checked too. It was at that point a friend decided to jump on a white horse and save the day and bring my passport half way up so that I didn’t have to drive all of the way back. That friend is Zach Adams.

I don’t know how I am so lucky to have such good friends. Really, I don’t deserve that but I know I’m going to be a better friend because of his example.

Now, if you’ll allow me to bring it full circle I have to say one thing I love about weddings is seeing people with those friends. The friends that will drive hours to help you out, wear whatever dress you want – and three inch heels too- to fit your vision, travel across the country or around the world to be with you on that day, and friends that will be there in five, ten, or twenty years to talk with you. At a wedding you get to see who your true friends are and when you leave your passport at home you understand the meaning of a true friend.

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