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Late Fall Engagement | Margaret + Chris

Mary Dougherty

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Margaret + Chris, well done. We both know that this shoot started on a stressful note – arriving late at no fault of your own, dealing with a cranky gate guard and driving with two dogs in the car the whole time – but I have to give it to you. Shaking it off and not only acting like you were in love but actually being in love (we can all see it) is proof that you guys are the real deal. And somehow, as we walked through Letchworth, things slowed down. The light lingered. We captured some amazing images.

Thank you for opening up, diving in to the situation and of course trusting me as your photographer. I can’t wait to photograph you and all your family, friends + guests on your wedding day!

letchworth_fall_engagement_photo02 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo03 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo04 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo05 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo06 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo07 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo08 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo09

Of course, I shouldn’t have been as surprised at your ability to handle the occasional curve ball, displayed most notably in your engagement story :

Chris got my engagement ring when his mom was in the hospital and lost it immediately after showing it to her — and by lost it, I mean he threw it in the garbage at his parents’ house and then left to come down to Keuka lake.  Needless to say, after a few hours he flew back to Webster and started digging through the trash where he found it covered in spaghetti sauce!  The next morning he proposed at like 6am because he ‘had to get rid of the ring’ before he lost it again!

I think that’s what nightmares are made of for any guys with a ring in their pocket waiting to pop the question!

letchworth_fall_engagement_photo10 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo11 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo12 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo13 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo14 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo15 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo16 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo17 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo18 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo19 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo20 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo21

letchworth_fall_engagement_photo22 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo23 letchworth_fall_engagement_photo24

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