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Each time I finish up a wedding it’s invigorating. I know everyone has been waiting anxiously to see them, and I even feel the same way once I get the chance to sit down and edit them. I get to re-live the day and I can’t wait to share it with everyone, so today you get a taste of what Kaylan and John’s wedding looked like.

First of all, I have to say it was a lot of fun – what can I say, John + Kay are fun people and didn’t blink at my crazy ideas – “take your shoes off and go stand in the water” – haha you’ll see. I also have to say – and I’m not sure how she did it – but Kaylan was the first bride I had who was seriously sick with the flu the night before… and even the day of. I think I should have her on here to share her story, because you can’t even see at all what she was feeling – she looks gorgeous in everything.

Now, without further ado I present to you John & Kaylan’s wedding.

See what I’m saying? Gorgeous! I was just lucky enough that they had a field of forget-me-nots to include in the pictures.

i love it! all the poses and expressions in this photo make it. After the pre-ceremony photo shoot it was time to head inside to get ready for the main event. When Kaylan and her dad walked down the aisle there was hardly a dry eye… this wasn’t just any day this was definitely a wedding day.

They added a few special things to the ceremony that made their day even more meaningful. It was a great way to start their lives together and become husband & wife.

The newlyweds! Now on to the celebration – but maybe it takes a few more minutes when your granddaughter gets married…

I took John + Kaylan over to a spot nearby for photos and I don’t think we could have been there at a better time. The slightly setting sun made the light dreamy and set the mood for some gorgeous portraits of just them. This is the part where I made them get their feet wet too.

… and probably one of my all time favs above. After this we met up with the wedding party and headed over to Wellsville for the reception – which was actually in the public library! You know I’m a fan of that, I had my reception in a library as well and I would highly recommend it if you can work it out with them – older libraries are best, obviously. I need to back track for a second because before heading to the reception the bridal party went to the infamous Texas Hot. I’m not sure if we were the first wedding party to come in there, but they were happy to see us and were nice enough to let us take over a little bit (if you’ve been there you know how narrow it is) to capture the charm of the place and take some pictures.

So, what is Texas Hot’s? (I always say it with an “s” but I think I’ve been saying it wrong…). It’s one of those actually retro diners that probably hasn’t changed in 50 years and servers their signature “Texas Hot” – a hot dog with special sauce… I’m not sure if I can describe it but if anyone wants to comment to help me out feel free! – along with other delicious diner favs. Lots of fun and I would recommend it. :]

After our adventure at Texas Hot the bridal party headed across the street to join the reception. The library has a nice outside patio area in front where everyone mingled and went inside for the reception. It was a great end to an exciting and very memorable day.


It was wonderful to be a part of everything and I hope these photos give you lots to look back on and remember how things started.

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