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I go to sleep thinking about blogging. Seriously, it’s true. Sometimes I lay in bed and think about topics to write on, but the mind erasing that happens when you sleep causes me to wake up without a clear recollection. I need to keep a pencil and paper next to me, or maybe one of those mini tape recorders for voice notes that psychologists use (at least in movies, right?). Of course if I had an iPhone I imagine there would be an app for that, but either way I would enjoy getting up the next day to listen to mumbling before silence and my usual sleep talking. I’m not sure if I talk in my sleep much, but I haven’t had too many complaints from Matt so I’ll wait until he tells me otherwise.

Back to blogging ideas. We all have pretty short attention spans. I had a conversation the other day about blogging and was giving advice on what to write on when I realized I’m not taking all of my advice. I mentioned how you can take any aspect of what you do and incorporate it into a post and get as personal as you like. You can set the boundaries for what you write about, and be consistent in several areas. When I read blogs I want to see something new, get to know someone, or learn something.

It can be hard as a blogger to be consistent in what you write about, which is why it is easier when you have a plan.

That means structure though, and planning, and taking a way the surprise and fun of knowing what will be posted! Hold your horses. It really doesn’t mean any of those things, and in fact it makes it easier on the blogger and reader. Kind of like how I love Thursdays because I know we’ll have pizza for dinner. It really doesn’t matter that we have to make it, what’s great is that we don’t have to search for recipes and through the unknown contents of our fridge to find something to make… and because we know it will be delicious.

To make a long story short, get ready for a series of MDP posts (Mary Dougherty Photography) on Wednesdays. I know that I would be interested in hearing from other photographers, small business owners, and friends about how and why they do what they do and what drives them, so I figure I should do the same. I’m kind of leaving the door open to what I’ll write, but you’ll have to let me know what you’d like to hear so join the convo!

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