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Navigating life + weddings during Covid-19

how to postpone your wedding during coronavirus pandemic and what life is like as a small business owner and wedding photographer

Let’s talk about navigating life, business and how to postpone your wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is really difficult. I think we can agree that what we want most is to slow the spread, which is why we are all staying home. With friends and clients in the medical community it is all too clear what the consequences would be if we don’t flatten the curve.

This global health crisis is unprecedented. In addition in our country medical professionals are running out of protection as they care for people. One of my 2020 brides is a doctor in Brooklyn and shared this gofundme where you can join me in contributing to help purchase masks, gloves and gowns or email to send any you may have.

Now, on to lighter stuff, which still feels overwhelming.

What happens if I need to postpone my wedding?

If you decide to postpone, even a month out from your day, your guests will understand. However, the sooner you can communicate a change of plans the better. Vendors will understand and likely want to work to reschedule.

How to postpone your wedding

  • Start with the guidelines from the CDC and your specific state to determine what is allowed
  • Decide what is most important when it comes to celebrating your day (ie having all guests there, a specific time of year, just getting married)
  • Reach out to your venue and key vendors to determine available dates and any fees you may incur
  • Create a spreadsheet to list out dates and see when everyone is available
  • Communicate with your vendors when you change the date and update agreements
  • Share the news with your guests on your website and / or with a card to let them know the new plan

For me personally, since I shoot 15 weddings a year I feel fortunate to have a smaller number of people to work with and multiple open weekends later in the year. Instead of canceling your wedding and losing all deposits think about the original intent behind your wedding and what is important. Postpone earlier rather than later is to secure a date that you want, and keep all original vendors on your team (which likely means not losing deposits). This is a day that will wait for you.

For me personally, one wedding has switched to a Thursday in the fall. Another has come up with a backup plan and is deciding what to do by May 1. I think it’s smart to start looking into your options and reach out to your planner (or hire one) to help you navigate this season. The celebration, when it does finally happen, will be so much sweeter.

Read more great advice on Harper’s Bazaar here.

How do I stay in business during this time?

All small business owners, including myself, are figuring out how to adjust offerings and keep business running. I honestly spent the first week of quarantine feeling sad / overwhelmed / scared / unsure. I don’t want to say I go that out of my system, but I did face a turning point and am choosing daily to view this time as an opportunity not a setback.

Whenever you confront your beliefs, you can change your thoughts and your actions. I’m not ignoring that this is hard, but trying to help you move forward where ever you are at.

If you believe this pandemic is going to end life as we know it and know one will work with you, your thoughts will circle around that and you will act out of scarcity and fear. On the other side, if you believe this pause in everyday life will allow you the opportunity to grow a new part of your business and serve people in a new way… well obviously you will start to think about how to serve people in a new way and do something you haven’t tried before.

Start examining what you believe and then make a decision about whether you want to keep that belief or not.

Things will change, at least for a while, but consider the opportunity and potential benefits of this time :

  • offering a new product or service
  • simplifying an area of your business
  • creating a partnerships + investing in relationships
  • building an audience
  • taking care of your physical body
  • outsourcing so you can focus on your zone of genius

I have seen so many more people get on Instagram lives. So many people offer their services in a new way. Of course I am doing both of those things and also stepping back to look at the big picture of my goals. Join my birthday giveaway here. Reach out to book a portrait session in advance.

Change is difficult, but it will allow us to grow. Let’s recognize that there are possibilities we have not considered for ourselves and our businesses and we are all in this together.



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