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Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a great vacation/holiday season. I’ve had a somewhat busy but also relaxing time and am looking forward to 2009. I never really made resolutions in the past, but I have been wanting to set some goals so I thought I’d wrap it all in to one for a fun first post of the year. First, I wanted to look back on 2008, so as a visual year in review I put together this collection of 25 photos from 2008. While it doesn’t include everything, I think this is a pretty good collection of last year’s photos… let me know if you see anything missing!

2008-travelThen I started thinking about the traveling I’ve done in the past year… for photos, running, or visiting family I’ve logged quite a few miles. Most of it has been on the east side of the country, except a trip to Spokane, but it makes quite the visual (well, what you can do with google maps). I’m excited to see what 2009 travel looks like.

Now on to this year’s goals/resolutions, which I’ve split into categories:

  • TIME: One of the main things I want to work on is time management. I often run from one thing to the next (and end up wasting time in between), but I’m hoping to focus on specific things to get more done when it’s time to be productive – and be more relaxed when it’s time to stop working
  • EXHIBIT: I’m planning on entering a few competitions & gallery exhibits to show some of my work to a wider audience
  • GIVE BACK: Yep, I’m planning to give back in a photographic way this year, whether it’s photos for a non-profit or a deserving couple I’m looking forward to seeing what that will be {email me if you have ideas}
  • SHARE: People thrive from learning and sharing images and ideas… which is why I’m looking forward to auditing a class or going to a workshop, and perhaps sharing with a small workshop of my own- anyone interested?
  • TRAVEL: I’d love to go to a new place, and while I’ve been to many of the states (do you count when you drive through them?), there are a few I’m missing and some at the top of my list, including Utah, Arizona + Maine. Hmm… anyone getting married in one of these great states? look me up!
  • RACE: I still love racing, and at the top of my list is competing to make it to national competition.
  • ENJOY: It’s not always easy to step back and be thankful – especially with the state of the country & economy – but this year I plan on appreciating all that I have… and being content.

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