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Grosse Pointe Academy Wedding : Liz + Matt

Mary Dougherty

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lm01It was one of those days you remember. The warm sun and subtle breeze made it a good day to do just about anything, but it was a perfect day to get married. With roots in both Michigan, New York, and Virginia, Liz and Matt settled on a wedding back in Liz’s home town. It was full of memories and a relatively easy destination to bring out of town guests to. They left the bustle of life and work in DC and arrived in Grosse Pointe with enough time to settle in before the wedding day.

In her childhood home, Liz stood radiantly in her wedding dress while Sylvia beamed as only an older sister could and helped her with the finishing touches. It’s funny how time passes and yet moves infinitely slow. As they stood in the living room, it didn’t seem so long ago that they were kids. The day had finally arrived – although they had grown up a long time ago – to leave behind their childhood and send Liz off to the chapel to get married. The moments that awaited when they walked out the door would speed by… but they are slowed down and remembered through the images captured from the day.


Liz found her eco-friendly Adele Wechsler gown at the bridal salon Rizik’s in DC. The style is sunray and it had the most beautiful bow in the back…lm03lm04lm05lm06lm07lm08lm09lm10lm11lm12lm13lm14lm15lm16lm17lm18

It was hard to imagine life before they were together. Everything was so natural, so complimentary that it didn’t take long for them to fall for each other. As engineers working in different departments of the same company, it was through work that they first met. While similarities brought them together, they soon found in each other the differences needed for a successful relationship.

The wedding party arrived at the Grosse Pointe Academy, and began a careful dance of moving in and out of rooms and spaces in order to not see each other. Each party took turns outside as I photographed them before being tucked away when the guests arrived and hidden out of sight. Just over ten years earlier, Liz had been at the very same building, closing the book on her elementary and middle school years at the Academy. She knew she wanted to come back some day for her wedding, and today was that day. Matt was a calm, collected groom that I can attribute to his unwavering feelings for Liz.


Liz was absolutely stunning and with plenty of time to photograph her I took some of my favorite bridal pictures.



Soon guests were arriving and the chapel began to fill up. Sitting in such a beautiful space, there was so much to take in before the ceremony was started. lm23lm24lm25lm26lm27lm28lm29lm30lm31

After being pronounced husband and wife, Liz and Matt exited the chapel ready to start a new chapter of their lives. We went outside for pictures and the light was just perfect!lm36lm37lm38lm39lm40lm41lm35lm42

The guests were busy getting the party started and the flower girl and ring bearer stole the show. Why do I feel like he is twice his age? lm43 (1)lm44lm45

With navy and pink set the stage and gave a beautiful color palette for the reception.lm46lm47lm48lm49lm50

The night was a success and with the Sun Messengers playing the dance floor was never empty. lm52lm51lm53lm54lm55

Congratulations again Liz + Matt and thank you soo much for inviting me to document everything. I felt like such a welcome part of the day and loved being a part of your wedding!

wedding dress: Adele Wechsler bridesmaids: Ann Taylor flowers: Viviano jewelry: Helzberg Diamonds catering: Thibault & Moore Catering cake: Josef’s Pastry Shop ceremony: Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel reception: Grosse Pointe Academy lawn

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