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It’s time to get my head in the game. I only have 15 weeks to go until I’m a mom of two, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out a little bit inside. This time, I know what it’s like… you know what I mean? So, clearly I have an expert opinion when it comes to pregnancy and babies. Okay, that’s not true. I just have my own experiences and the shared insight from friends – many of whom have walked a completely different road than me. So, take what I say with a grain of salt. I tend to hang out at the cloth diapering, natural birth end of the spectrum, but I think you’ll be able to take something away from these posts whether you’re right there with me roasting homemade marshmallows over the fire or not.

So, to start us off I’ve rounded up my list of first trimester favorites. Not included are the basics : vitamins, a water bottle to make hydration a priority, tests to tell you that you are in fact pregnant despite the fact that you don’t believe it. Morning sickness / day sickness / overall sickness is different for everyone, and I regret to tell you that I didn’t experience much sickness at all unless I didn’t eat. For me the first trimester was all about eating all the time and I was hyper aware of food – just ask Matt. Immediately after breakfast I would make sure we knew what we were having for lunch and having snacks nearby was a must. It sounds crazy, but if I didn’t eat regularly then I would start to feel terrible. So, since we are on the topic of food let’s start the list with the best crackers in the world :

1. Westminster Crackers  Like I said, eating was key for me and having something that was more bland was helpful at times. These crackers pack a punch because they are much more thick and substantial than saltines and… well I don’t know I just really like these crackers. We get them from Wegmans but they are made in Rutland, Vermont.

2. Flattering Shirt : Everlane Silk Tank. Second to food is clothes, since pregnancy revolves largely around feeling different, looking different and being able to be comfortable – not just physically (but that’s very important) but mentally with how you look. I think this Everlane tank is the perfect first trimester shirt for a few reasons:

  • It flows beautifully. I mean, it is silk, so again it’s really really beautiful. That’s important because – unlike jersey that will cling and wrinkle – silk will float and allow you to comfortably navigate that “umm… did you eat a lot of cookies?” stage to “hooray- you’re having a baby!” Or, if you are like me and take a while to announce the news to everyone, this shirt will conceal a bump better than any other. Unless you wear a poncho. Those can do the trick too.
  • The second reason this shirt is perfect for the first trimester is because you’re not going to wear silk again for a year. Or really anything fancy with your newborn around unless you take the risk of spit up being on it. So, enjoy it while you can.

3. Leggings : the second part of the outfit equation is easily answered with the most comfortable pair of leggings or yoga pants that you can find. I leave out sweatpants because you don’t want to go there yet. Both leggings and yoga pants are acceptable for public wear and can be styled so you do in fact look good and are comfortable. I wore a pair of lululemon yoga pants practically 5x a week when I was pregnant with Daphne. I can do that because I work from home, but if you did that even 2x a week I think it would be okay.

4. Button Extender : hair tie. The second most important piece to the pants equation is a simple hair band. Since you have some time before your pants don’t fit, you can make it last as long as possible by looping a hair tie around the button and through the hole. Use this trick to enjoy normal clothes for as long as possible.

5. Eye Mask : Naps are an essential part of pregnancy, and sleep if an essential part of surviving with a newborn, so just go ahead and get an eye mask now. If you aren’t able to nap use it at night during those times you are restless and block out all the extra light. If you want to skip ahead you can get a noise machine now to help you with that too. Basically, sleep is your best friend, and if you don’t have a baby now please enjoy every lazy morning you have!

6. Ginger Beer : This is a bit of a wildcard, but since ginger helps with nausea why not consume it in Ginger Beer form? In fact, Goslings Ginger Beer might be my favorite non-alcoholic drink since their version has a nice zing and kick and makes you feel a little bit less left out when the wine is being poured.

So there you have it! My recommendations for the things you really need in your first trimester. No included but also helpful to me : a great midwife who will be there to deliver your baby (start finding one if you don’t have one already), a pregnancy app so you can see the progress of your baby and keep track of all kinds of things (I’ve used Sprout Pregnancy last time but now you have to pay so I’m on to the free version of Pregnancy+), and most important, a husband who will make you blueberry pie whenever you ask for it.

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