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Farm Engagement : Zane + Cassandra

Mary Dougherty

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From opposite sides of the country – he was still in Alabama, she had moved up to Maine – they dreamt of a lush farm engagement session back in Cassandra’s hometown. It gave them the sense of place that was so important, tying together their roots and representing the growth in their own lives over the past years. Like any relationship, theirs had it’s highs and lows, sun and rain, and through it all their love grew. It brought them to April 1, which some many know as April Fool’s Day, but it had escaped Zane when he dropped to one knee that night and asked Cassandra to marry him. She replied that it wasn’t a funny joke, and after some convincing and seeing her grandmother’s ring in his hands, she knew it was true.

They emailed me with their ideas for the shoot when I posted the engagement session giveaway this winter. They quickly made it in to the top three, and it was up to everyone else to decide. After a tight race and a few thousand votes later, it was decided: they were the winners. Family and friends from near and far rallied to their side, and today I’m happy to bring you the photos that you voted to see.

It was a sunny June day just outside of Geneseo. Zane and Cassandra drove me to the farm owned by friends where the photos would take place. They had said easy going, down to earth, farm and food filled, not frilly and very silly were words and phrases that described who they are what they wanted to capture. I think we got all of that and more. In between biting in to a raw beet, telling silly jokes, and running through the field there are plenty of stories from the day to share and more fun to be had. Zane and Cassandra, you guys are wonderful and I’m so happy I could create these images with you. Enjoy, share, and comment if you wish!


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