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I came over just in time to help Sarah figure out how to attach the grain mill to the table. Borrowed from a friend, it was in a few pieces and since it was Italian made it came with instructions in 5 different languages. After a little playing around we soon had it anchored to the table and ready to grind. The oat groats (I know, crazy name but that’s what you call the raw oat) were brought up from the freezer where they were staying fresh and slowly fed in to the grinder and freshly rolled. Like most foods when fresh their store bought versions are almost incomparable. It was amazing to see the process of rolling oats and I don’t think I ever knew how they came into being, yet there I was rolling them.

I settled in for an arm work out and pondered the idea of incorporating it into our daily lives. After 10 minutes I appreciated the arm workout and considered it a benefit of my triathlon training. After twenty five minutes decided I would probably settle for the kitchen aid attachment for future oat rolling and flour grinding. We rolled a lot of oats.

The plan for them: granola. I’ve been wanting to find a good granola recipe for some time, since I love a crunchy bowl with yogurt and blueberries for breakfast. While I’ve looked at a few different recipes I honestly haven’t had the time to test them and find a favorite. Luckily Sarah had been passed a five star recipe from Brandyn, her sister in law and it was the perfect place to start. If you have a recipe I’ve love to hear what you do differently – or if you are looking for one I would highly recommend trying this one! You can easily add your own variations and I already have plans to try and replicate Bare Naked’s chocolate granola.

Homemade Chunky Granola Recipe:

heat oven to 300 degrees. In a large bowl mix dry ingredients:

5c rolled oats

1 1/2c sunflower seeds

1 1/2c slivered almonds

1c whole wheat flour

3/4c organic sugar

1 t sea salt

in a small bowl whisk together wet ingredients

3/4c olive oil

1/2 honey

1/2 c water

add wet to dry ingredients stirring until evenly coated. Cover 2 cookie sheets with parchment paper and divide granola mix on each sheet. Place sheets in oven on different racks and cook for 30min, stopping every 10 min to lightly stir granola and switch racks. For chunkier granola, stir less – but monitor to make sure edges don’t burn. Cook until golden brown (generally 35 min) and cool on sheet. Place in bowl when ready and add:

7-8oz. dried fruit

3-4 T peanut butter

1T cinnamon – to taste

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