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The problem with moving is settling in to a new space and making it feel like home. No we didn’t move recently – but I suppose I’m admitting that it’s taken us two years to make some of the rooms in our house feel like home. Sure, we unpacked, found spaces for things, settled in to a way of life… but instead of intentionally making spaces that felt like home I accepted what was there and learned to live with it. I’m talking about the makeshift bookshelves, the arrangement of furniture, the darkness of a room that has nothing inherently wrong with it… but nothing necessarily right. That was our bedroom. Am I making it sound worse than it was? Perhaps, but of course I don’t have any before pictures to prove it.

This April when Matt and I spent Easter weekend (and the resulting week he had more or less off from work) at home, we decided to do something about our bedroom. We wanted to make it a space that felt more comfortable, more relaxing, and more inviting. Since we decided to do something about the room then, we had to abandon our initial train of thought that went something like this: find the perfect vintage chair that we could then re-upholster, learning how to re-upholster, shopping for amazing fabric handprinted by a designer in brooklyn, no actually print the fabric ourselves – but first should we grow our own cotton to do so? We are those kinds of people. Well, I can be – Matt is a little bit like that except that he likes to start a project and finish it. I let projects sit and grow and I don’t rush decisions, but this time, we were going to make decisions.

We decided that this makeover required purchasing a few items to spruce things up, so besides the re-arranging of furniture I purchased the following:

chevron chair | knitted pouf | jute rug | arrosa bedding

I was hesitant at first, kept the bedding off of the bed for a a few weeks waiting to be returned, until we decided that we didn’t want to wait a year or more and went with our initial choices. It was just the right amount of new pieces to change the feeling of the room and open it up to a space that I now love being in. If you don’t think it’s an amazing transformation – that’s okay, I know I’m not an interior decorator, so hopefully you’ll cut me some slack. We didn’t set out to completely redecorate to perfection, but to make a space that feels more like home, and thankfully it does!
bedroom makeover-9

First up: rugs under rugs. I love the wood floors but the large rug we added grounds the space and ties together the grays we added in – especially starting with dark furniture. Our bedside tables were picked up a few years ago at target, and we’ve been debating painting them or leaving them as is. So we left them. My table is on the left with little bowls I made holding hair accessories, buttons and other odds and ends. I highly recommend Aquaphor to any one in the market for good lip balm – but it does way more than that. Oh and those are my glasses, which I always keep handy and occasionally wear for the day – I have been since I was 3? 4? Matt’s table is a little more organized which is no surprise, with bible and devotional books nearby and his odds + ends tucked away on the second shelf down. Look at that watch laid out too – that’s all him, I didn’t straighten it.

bedroom makeover-6bedroom makeover-14bedroom makeover-12

The view from the dresser – bathroom on the left closet on the right. Our bed used to face out this direction, but I love having it directed towards the window more. The room feels lighter this way. On the dresser, there are a few more things I keep nearby – and yes I had to clean this up to photograph it.

bedroom makeover-1

Last year I wore the blue nail polish and loved it – this year I have a new crazy hot pink. You can buy it here if you want. I think they are named appropriately.

bedroom makeover-4bedroom makeover-2

then we have starfish earrings – a birthday gift – and some little ceramic animals I’ve had since elementary school. Now this lamp below is Matt’s work of art. We have two of these ikea globes and he decided to do the coffee filter transformation one time when I was away. Borrowed a glue gun and everything. I love it! The texture is so fun and the light is even more diffused.

bedroom makeover-18bedroom makeover-13bedroom makeover-11

Will we sit in the corner in our chevron chair, feet up on the pouf and read? The answer is yes. At least any time I ask myself that question it is so. The chair has already made an appearance in a few photos but I’m not going to overuse it. Hopefully.

bedroom makeover-7

…and that’s it! Our bedroom tour and makeover is complete. The dogs couldn’t stay out of the pictures and were begging me to be in them so I allowed it.

bedroom makeover-16

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