Washington D.C. Engagement : Liz & Matt

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To tell you that Liz and Matt met over donuts at work simplifies the story of two interesting and complex people to a casual everyday encounter. It leads you to believe that their relationship is ordinary when it is so much more than that. For these engineers, meeting over donuts was just the beginning. They soon hit it off and began their adventure together sharing their love for food, fun, and dressing up in the most creative Halloween costume.

I know Liz from way back; we went to high school together back in Michigan. Matt on the other hand is from the Syracuse area, which is not that far from where I currently live in western New York. Rather than try and meet up in either of those two places, Liz and Matt decided to have their engagement session out in D.C. where it all began. They wanted to capture their time living in the city so incorporating landmarks was a priority. I came out there last week just in time for the cherry blossoms and had a great time photographing them around the city and getting to know them as a couple. They shared their love for food with me and took me to some fabulous spots – including a trip to Georgetown Cupcake for a post birthday treat. Honestly they couldn’t have been more welcoming and I can’t wait for their wedding this summer at the Grosse Pointe Academy. I hope you enjoy all of the variety and Liz + Matt I can’t wait to hear what you think! lm_02lm_03

Can you believe we got a picture here without any other people? Right after a big bus group walked up the stairs, so it was perfect timing. lm_04lm_05lm_06lm_07lm_08lm_09lm_10lm_11

Gorgeous day and of course gorgeous couple. Liz and Matt decided to go with a color palette of navy and pink, which will also be present at their wedding. The blossoms were a perfect fit and added a delicate touch to the scene. lm_12lm_13lm_14lm_15lm_16

Love this view of the city from the bridge. I was actually here just over a year ago, you might remember this photo I shot here from Dawn + David’s wedding. The second part of the session took place on the roof and clubhouse of the building Liz and Matt live in. The views were amazing and we thankfully avoided the rain we were dodging to shoot at both of these locations. lm_17lm_18lm_19lm_20lm_21lm_22

I’ll end it with this photo to leave these two alone. Looking forward to August!lm_23

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