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jb01We went back to where it all started. It was where they went for their first date, and where they got engaged. After Jacqueline and Blair met in the summer at an FCA sports camp they started talking. Soon talking turned into planning, and figuring out how to spend time together when they lived states apart. Jacqueline had moved to DC after graduation and so it was easy to find something to do when Blair came down to visit for the first time. In fact, she didn’t realize how much there was to do in DC, and wondered why on that first Saturday last year there was virtually no room on the metro and it was impossible to get around. They soon found out that they had planned their first date the same day as the Rally to Restore Sanity.

They enjoyed the adventure of navigating around the busy city and made their way to both the Zoo and the Capitol. After spending a full day on their feet and enjoying each others company, it was time to say good bye. Almost a year later, they followed in the footsteps of their first adventure only this time things were different. Blair had taken a new job and re-located to the district, and with an absolutely packed day full of everything they loved he took Jacqueline around the city and asked her to marry him. She said yes.
It was only natural that for their engagement photos we visit the two spots that became most significant to them, so we started at the Zoo before heading over to the Capitol. The usually calm Zoo was bustling with activity, sounds, and sights as it celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month with an event named “Fiesta Musical.” Once I heard about their first date, it was ironic. Once we got over the fact that the crowds of people felt like an unintended audience, we found a few quite spots in the zoo and had a great time taking pictures. Jacqueline looked fierce – and I don’t usually break out that kind of Top Model terminology, but it’s true. I love the colors they wore and how they stood out in the lush green environments we hid away in.jb03jb04jb05jb06jb07jb08jb09jb10jb11jb12jb13

Next we went to the capitol, where Blair proposed! It was beautiful and the overcast skies made it easy to photograph. I encourage couples to make the session personal by choosing locations + activities that are significant to them. It was fun to shoot in such a historic location and I think we made all the tourists jealous.


After seeing the sights from several different angles we ended on the steps overlooking the mall. Each time I visit DC I think “I could live here” and then I drive home and remember how much I love not having traffic (never mind that I live far from everything). Jacqueline + Blair I’m so glad we were able to meet up for these photos and I can’t wait for your wedding next summer! Enjoy the city life for me. jb23

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