Canandaigua Wedding : Mylee + Leo

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canandaigua_wedding01If you paid close attention, you could see what was happening. Leo was a friend of Mylee’s brother, and that’s why the first few times Mylee and Leo met you could easily think nothing of it. Just a friend, coming over and saying hello. In fact, I’m sure you could say that Mylee and Leo were taken off guard, not expecting to find someone as easily as they did. However, as they started to build their own friendship, it was clear that to Mylee, Leo was not just a friend of her brother – or for Leo, Mylee the sister of a friend. They had something more.

The perfectly clear day in Canandaigua began at the Inn on the Lake, where the reception and evening festivities were held. The bright sun and clear water welcomed the sunny color palette chosen for the wedding : yellow, white and grey. Simple and well designed, the inspiration for the wedding came after seeing how gorgeous the bright yellow flowers in another wedding bouquet were at her sister’s flower shop. She decided the happy and bright color would be perfect, and took cues froma favorite icon – Kate Spade to design the rest. The bold colors and patterns created fun yet sophisticated feel to the day. Bridesmaids were gifted custom made bow rings, bright yellow baubles, and striped scarves to accent their gray J.Crew dresses. Mylee wore a classic silhouette and the bows that accented her dress were carried out as a detail in the decorations.

As Mylee and Leo said their “I do’s” they shared a moment that bound them together and proved this wedding was more than just the decoration and planning behind it. Those things were a reflection of the dedication they have for each other and a way to express the gravity of their wedding day. It was a joy to be a part of and I’m happy to share these images with you here. Look back later for a q+a with our bride, a graphic designer, who created all of the paper goods for the wedding!

All of the custom gift boxes, perfectly coordinated for the day, were created by Mylee’s talented sister, Maita de la Fuente.


Mylee did an amazing job with the invitations and I can’t wait to share more images and info about them in a follow up blog post!


With the bride dressed and everything perfectly in place, on to the church we went for the ceremony to begin.


The newlyweds exited and the celebration began – first with some pictures at the park near the Inn on the Lake. The trees created the perfect backdrop and shady area to photograph.


Mylee’s long veil was so fun to photograph, and thanks to one of the groomsmen we had just the lift we needed to get it in the air :)


It was a gorgeous day on the lake and the night was just as fun, filled with dancing, dressing up in the photo booth, and the celebration of a new marriage! Congrats again Mylee + Leo!


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