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A few weeks ago I had the honor of photographing my close friend Sarah and her beautiful new family of four. Gideon was born just a few weeks after Dax, and it’s wonderful to share the stages of pregnancy + baby with such a good friend. In fact, it was not just the two but three college friends (including Mary Claire) who had baby boys within a month of each other. While everyone had quite a different road to expecting, delivering and everything in between, it is so encouraging to share the experience with friends.

I captured all these images on film, on a Contax 645 and both kodak porta 400, fuji pro 400 and kodak tmax 400. As Sarah reminded, the last newborn session I shot for her was when my camera broke! No seriously, my shutter broke in the middle of her session and I had to send it in to be replaced. That’s just one of the reasons I have two camera bodies and back up equipment (and you should too!).

Enjoy these simple and beautiful moments in the life of their family captured in their beautiful home, and contact me to schedule some of your own.newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty02newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty03newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty04newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty05newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty06newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty07newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty08newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty09newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty10newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty11newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty12newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty13newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty14newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty15newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty16newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty17newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty18newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty19newborn_film_photography_rochester_mary_dougherty20

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