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You spend a lot of time wedding planning. There are a lot of details, after all, and whether or not it’s a day you’ve been dreaming about for years you still find yourself wanting to create something memorable. So you put in hours learning how to write your own calligraphy / letterpress / fold origami or maybe you get all of your friends together and make your own chair garland / streamer backdrop / signage. Perhaps instead of crafting on your own, you hire a professional to do it and you create a day that is magic. Really, there is nothing quite like a wedding day. When it’s all said and done and the exit confetti is swept up and you drive off on your tandem bike / vintage car / or stay to keep dancing the night away… you are left with memories. Those memories are the very thing you’ll pass down to your children, relive with friends and cherish when you lose a beloved family member.

How will you preserve those memories, and tell that story to future generations? With handwritten love notes, pieces of your grandmother’s veil that you used to make your own, sand from the beach that you walked on at your honeymoon? Will it be told in printed pictures that are rotated through frames, passed around at Christmas, gently handled and labeled with dates and names?

As a wedding photographer in the business of documenting and memory making, I love to capture those moments. I love to give people the opportunity to go back and feel the wave of emotion that swept over them when they look through their pictures… and be able to hold them in their hand. There is something about the tangible that can’t be replaced by technology. The touch of soft leather, the smell of hand oiled wood, the weight of a fine art paper… these are all found in my heirloom wedding boxes from H.H.Boogie. They are the highest quality I could find, not to make it the most expensive, but to make the absolute best product possible. Made by hand, crafted thoughtfully and ready to hold the story that is written with more than just images and words.

So, I hope you consider the way in which you’ll tell your story. To let me share you with the most beautiful wedding heirloom I could find or to inspire you to create your own… because your story should be told.

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