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I couldn’t do anything except step out of the way. When Matt starts to clean that’s really all you can do. Tables are moved, rugs vacuumed and floors mopped until a possibly toxic although pleasing smell of cleaning products fills the air. It’s actually a gift, I don’t know how he can organize so easily I’m sometimes envious. I just don’t think – no, I know – my brain doesn’t work the same way. That’s not to say that he does all the cleaning… but I certainly let him use his gifts.

Today however, I caught the cleaning fever. I started with overhauling my office to take everything out – clean – and then put it back in. I actually got half way before Matt took over and mopped the floors. He then picked up with the organization of everything in the room while I worked on cleaning up my blog. Speaking of which, how do you like the change? A little update has been in the works as I’ve been slowly (and I do mean slowly) working on re-doing the printed materials for my business. I wanted to changed up the color scheme to something more personal and fitting but it took a while before yellow (or curry as some call it) emerged as the winner. Just before Christmas I ordered up a batch of printed materials, and if I get my act together and design new business cards I might be able to complete everything by the end of the month. That will be my goal.

I started with the blog background. I called Sarah and 5 texts and 4 phone calls later it was complete. We kept hanging up and calling each other back as I made changes we talked through them. Sarah’s not only one of my best friends but a talented graphic designer in Rochester NY who’s known for her feisty personality and strong opinions. So it’s natural that I go to her for advice especially when I have a new idea that I need a second opinion on. We talked through the background and the new headers while I made sure she was okay with me using the texture she created in the background. If you want to see more of Sarah’s fabulous work check out her portfolio here. We talked on other subjects but our attention soon turned to comments on my blog. Sarah is a regular commenter, and as such she encourages others to leave a note when they stop by as well – but I’m not sure if they are taking her advice. Now, I haven’t put much pressure on in the past, and I’m not trying to get all up in everyones bidness but I’m going to have to call out the non-commenters as well.  Seriously, as much as I like to update this blog so you know what’s happening with me – I like to know who’s reading and what you think. Like a post? Want more of something else? It’s your chance to let me know. It’s really a conversation, so if you’re worried about sounding weird you should be fine if you can type down something you would normally say.

I’m stepping down from my soapbox now and have something fun to share with you. It really is only fitting that today when I debut my new sunny look I share this fabulous save the date from Colleen and Tristan’s wedding. When it arrived in the mail yesterday it was pretty much love at first sight, and if this is any indication of what the wedding will be like (which I think it is) I know I’m in for a treat. I didn’t get a chance to ask Colleen who made the invite… but maybe she’ll comment and let us all know :)

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