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The drive to Richmond was easy to meet Andrew and Joy. As I drove I talked to a friend about the pictures I would be taking, dreaming up locations and images that I wanted to capture. I haven’t had the chance to do many shoots in urban locations so I was looking forward to the variety. We met outside of their now rehearsal dinner location at a wonderful restaurant called Europa and started heading in the direction of a Richmond landmark. It was a perfect spot that Andrew and Joy scouted out the day before and I loved working the city name in to the images.

They were complete naturals. As we walked over to the location, we talked about their wedding, growing up in the Richmond area, and how they met. The camera started clicking and it was easy to see their love for each other.

We headed to several other spots throughout the city and there was so much to work with we could have shot for hours.

See what I’m talking about? Just lovely, and I can’t wait for their wedding. May is going to be gorgeous for them. I asked Joy to write something up about the wedding and what her perspective is at this time, so here is what she has to say:

Andrew and I knew from the beginning that we wanted a smaller wedding with just about 40 to 50 of our closest family members as guests. We have been together for almost four years now and wanted to share this day with those who were closest to us. My mistake was thinking that the wedding planning would be quick and simple because of this but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I quickly learned that the only thing that really changes about wedding planning with the number of guests is the number of invitations that go out. Never the less it has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

Now, just a short 5 months away from the big day I truly feel that it will turn out to be everything I dreamed of for one very important reason….the list.

I made a list very early on of what was most important for me to have on my wedding day and I think every bride does even if she keeps it in her mind. Just a mental note at least of what things are really important to you. For me, having great photos to look back on was at the top. Sure the dress will make you feel like a princess for a day, the musicians will sound as if you stepped into a grand ballroom in your palace, and the flowers that you pass as you walk down the isle will lead the way to your prince charming. But when it’s all said and done and all you have is a memory, what will be most important is being able to look back on that day and feel it all over again. Anyone can take a picture but I think it takes a true photographer to see the emotions of that day through a lens and preserve them on film. Which is why finding a great photographer was so important to me. Luckily for me I did, and I’m sure once our special day has been captured on film, she will share some of that with you.

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