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Yesterday I met Lynda and Keegan for the first time. They came to Rochester for their engagement session which we had been talking about since before they were engaged. You were thinking that people didn’t do things like that, but they do and I don’t spill any of the secrets. Lynda is not the first to touch base and say hello before having the chance to meet or plan a session, and I’m so glad! I love to get to know couples that really want to work with me so I can have the chance to really want to work with them.

I guess when you know, you know. I don’t think it’s always love at first sight when it comes to the client / photographer relationship… but it can be. It takes a while to build trust with a photographer, but when you have a previous connection – for example and the recommendation of a friend – it can happen more quickly.

That’s exactly how Lynda and Keegan found me – through their friends Shannon and Devin’s who I photographed last winter. We sat and talked over coffee before getting started and I got to hear more about their engagement party this past weekend, how they met working at a Christian camp, their long distance relationship between Canada and Australia, and what it was like to be in a place with snow. Even though we had emailed back and forth to plan the session, sitting to talk allowed us to ease in to the session and build more trust before we started. We continued the conversation as I photographed them, and directed them so I could take the best pictures possible and allow them to be themselves in the process. When we ended, I wanted to ask if we could do it again tomorrow… or if they had any friends getting married.

Having a network of people that believe in your business is probably the best asset of any small business owner. That network often starts with family and friends but grows as you reach out and gain experience. However, that network is not really about you, your business or even how great your product is… it’s about everyone else. You grow more by being interested in other people than just hoping for them to be interested in you.

Thanks for a fun afternoon yesterday Lynda and Keegan… and for the delicious macarons and sweets you baked, Lynda – you have serious talent! To all of my other clients I can’t wait to continue to work with you, build a relationship, and see how that network of people changes and grows. If you haven’t started, I’d love for you to join the daily conversation here, twitter, facebook, or through email (hello at marydougherty dot net). Lastly, to all of the family, friends, soon to be clients, acquaintances, casual blog readers, friends of friends of friends, and blog stalkers… thanks for reading and being a part of what I do.

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