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If you need a fresh look for your desktop or other device, feel free to download and use the picture above – personal use only please!

While any day can be a fresh start, I love optimism a new year brings. It’s a chance to look back and look ahead, and reminds us that each day is important and collectively they add up to something much greater. Without living intentionally it’s easy to have these days speed by and wonder what we did with our time. So this year, once again, I hope to live intentionally, enjoy each moment and remember to savor where I’m currently at in life.

To help me do that, I wrote up a little list of things I’d like to accomplish, change or remember. While 2012 was full of more than I could imagine, 2013 is the year Matt and I become parents, and I know will be full of even more surprises and adventures. I can wait for our baby to arrive and start this new phase of life as a family. Here are a few of the other things I’d like to do in the coming year:

the year list:

  • fix my grandfather’s speed graphic + use it
  • complete a set of new pieces of work (7-10)
  • enter a piece of work into a show
  • take a workshop or class
  • host a photographer meet up – got together with photog friends in march
  • second shoot a wedding
  • have a wedding published in a magazine
  • organize and photograph a styled shoot
  • collaborate with someone on a project
  • photograph for a non profit for free
  • create a client’s guide to wedding photography
  • create an engagement session planning guide
  • stick to a blog schedule + have posts ready on time – consistently working on this
  • add content to my blog through pages
  • design and print our wedding album
  • print albums / physical pieces of our personal photos
  • visit a state I’ve never been to
  • go camping
  • try a new sport
  • get back into triathlon + complete at least one race this year – signed up &  training!
  • have family photos taken in the summer or fall
  • go on a date with Matt (after the baby is born)
  • master cloth diapering + use regularly – started today!
  • make baby food
  • sew an outfit for the baby
  • cut out one food/household item we use and make it regularly
  • spend the year planning thoughtful gifts for Christmas
  • develop a more active prayer life
  • complete a Bible study with a group
  • write one letter a month
  • teach someone something
  • help someone achieve a goal
  • give away something I like but don’t need

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