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I didn’t edit any photos yesterday, I didn’t instagram and I didn’t send any emails. I had a day of rest. I know its probably not what you want to hear. You want to know that I edited whole weddings and posted preview images to rival everyone else and tweeted the heck out of my day.

Instead I sat on my front porch and ate the most delicious salad while reading Kinfolk. I went for a run to the ice cream shop  (because that’s the only way I could motivate my tired self) and had a waffle cone with Matt and gave Daphne licks – all before dinner. Oh and we went to church but arrived 40 minutes late because we are so off on our times that we didn’t know when it started. So instead of joining the end of the service we let Daph swing in the playground for a few minutes and went home.

There is something to taking a sabbath, or a day of rest. As a wedding photographer in the middle of a busy season it’s hard to do. Social media reminds me that everyone else is posting things faster or getting more likes or being more connected. I feel like I have to be too. The better indication of how someone is doing is not by likes but by the conversation they have with loved ones or the response they give after a long day. I know that for me, I’m a better wife, mom, photographer and all around person when I have some balance in my life. Sometimes I need to be encouraged or forced to have balance – to get out the door and run, or to go to bed an hour earlier than I would. Other times I crave it and consciously choose to have a day off. My mind still writes captions for instagram posts and tries to convince me to share the insignificant happenings of my day. Slowly my social media mind starts to take less priority and I realize the world around me. The one that I’m living in.

It’s not often that we have a job where we are encouraged to have balance. Most employers want to get the most out of everyone and think the way to do that is to demand more and to trust less. I demand a lot of myself, but when I know I can rest then I’m able to focus my energy to work even harder when I need to.

Do any of you take a sabbath or have recurring unplugged days where you don’t use technology? Any wedding photographers out there who are lacking balance or feeling overwhelmed? Trust me, I’ve been there are still find myself there… but make a point to take time off this week and see what it does for you.

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