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The 25 things wave hit a while ago, but I thought I’d add a list since getting to know you goes both ways. As your photographer it will obviously help if you can get to know me a bit and feel comfortable with the camera in between us, so here’s 25 things to start with. In the spirit of facebook, I also dug up some old photos from there to include in this as well :]

  1. I’ve been studying & doing photography for appx. 10 years
  2. I’ve been married for almost a year! (March 22)n2337187_44735442_8419 (I love that in this picture though the date says 2/1/06- ha)
  3. I grew up with jellies, curled bangs, and neon colors
  4. I never changed my major in college, but I changed colleges a few times before I actually went
  5. I grew up outside of a city and have enjoyed adapting to life in the country (although it’s not always easy there are advantages!)
  6. I originally got into sports because I liked the snacks (hey, I was in 1st grade)
  7. My family will always compare other chubby babies to me… I was a fat one
  8. Now that I have a trampoline I never want to go without one
  9. I’ve transformed Matt into a night owl… but only by his standards
  10. I’m competitive when playing games… and of course don’t like losing
  11. I’m discovering I’m more of a perfectionist than I thought
  12. Matt + I compost food scraps and it really cuts down on the garbage
  13. I love A1 sauce… their commercials are true
  14. I also enjoy caramel + nuts something that of course Matt doesn’t like (it’s harder to buy ice cream)
  15. I’ve dyed my hair once
  16. I enjoy running, but I love being a part of a team+training with other people
  17. I have 5 All-American awards in track
  18. Dance parties will never go out of style
  19. I have a sewing machine n100300045_30007951_2722(I made that costume in 1 day! for an awesome halloween party in college)
  20. I have some amazing friends that I love
  21. I don’t just believe in God
  22. I want to read more than I do (which is hardly at all) but I don’t make time for it
  23. I usually eat dinner between 7-8… because Matt+I enjoy cooking and it takes time to make things from scratch!
  24. I let my dog sleep in my bed (that’s my confession for this list)
  25. both of my grandfathers were photographers

I hope you enjoyed this either on my blog or facebook- and while you’re at it become a fan of Mary Dougherty Photography on facebook since I’ll be sending out some updates every once in a while.

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