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Cape Cod Beach Wedding

This Cape Cod beach wedding started with a ceremony on a private beach and ended dancing under a clear tent with a neon sign. It was everything fun, and couldn’t be stopped. Many of us have a special place to recharge and enjoy with family. It’s a place we dream of hosting events, this is the place for Meaghan and Jon.

It came to life as a result of changed plans, but it was no less beautiful. In fact, can we agree that small events have a warmth you can’t replicate? After 2020 I think this is true.

As a wedding photographer who specializes in putting people at ease and capturing editorial moments, here are a few of my favorites. Meaghan and Jon were the most laid back couple, happy to finally be married and celebrate. They trusted me and that made all the difference in fitting in seamlessly to document their story.

Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

Mary Dougherty is based out of the Adirondacks (I know what you were thinking, how central) and travels to photograph great love stories. Her signature work is captured on film, which means the process of creating images happens on film and digital cameras. No matter the medium, the end result is the same. A library of beautiful photographs captures not just the moments but the feeling of being there.

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