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Find your Wedding Dress Virtually with Lovely Bride Rochester

We are all learning to adapt during this time of quarantine. Even as things start to get back to normal, people will remain cautious about their interactions for a while. Bringing grandma to every try on? Maybe not. Bringing her to your house for a virtual + at home try on? Definitely.

Bridal appointments are one of the highlights of the wedding planning process, at least in my opinion. One of the reasons I host my workshop is to keep dreaming up new beautiful ways to have a wedding. So what does it look like to find a wedding dress virtually? I sat down with Julia from Lovely Bride to talk about how they run appointments.

How to have a virtual bridal appointment with Lovely Bride Rochester

  1. create a wishlist
  2. book a virtual appointment
  3. do a virtual walk through to see the options
  4. get the details on your favorites – fabric, fit, feel, everything you thought about and more
  5. be open to a suggestion that was not on your list
  6. try on your favorite at home!
  7. get step by step fitting + measuring instructions during your try on
  8. celebrate finding the dress you love

I actually had a virtual appointment with Julia to look at dresses for the workshop. I’ll share more about it and you can get a peek at the dress for this year!



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